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Agreed that 10.9 is for Jony Ive. That could be good or bad. Considering his past work, and Tim Cook's trust in him, I'd assume that it's a good thing, but I would worry that he may choose form over function since he now has ultimate control. We shall see.
Other companies manufactured the 30 Pin connectors legally so I assume that we will indeed see some such cables. They will probably not be knockoff apple like this one, but will instead be branded to manufacturers. I assume that these will be available on Ebay for shipping from Hong Kong like most knockoffs though. I have a knockoff non-working iPhone 5 on my shelf that I got from HK for $12 including shipping. I have an iPhone 4 and I'm waiting for the seventh...
  I disagree with that stereotype. I'm American, but I know plenty of successful and well-liked British managers. The fact was that Dixons is a failure, and his strategy, along with the strategy Tim advised him to follow both failed. Tim Cook has a lot of great ideas for improving the supply chain and distribution, but he screwed up as well. Tim's a great guy and he's going nowhere but someone had to go to the gallows for the failure and this guy made a couple of critical...
Agreed that the bulge is kind of hidden, but it's still incredibly thin compared to my iMac. It's more to prove a point. I wonder why they even included the bulge and what it holds. It so doesn't fit with the design, and the utilitarian straight lines. I'm sure there's some function but they should have found a way around it.
My Retina Macbook Pro has been having intermitent flickering of parts of the screen lately. A reset of the PRAM solves it for a day, but I feel it may be a bug of 10.8.2. Thoughts?
I'll believe it when I see it. Usually the rumor mill is accurate (barring the Apple television) but in this case, I'm slightly doubting it.
Apple definitely showed potential for Maps, but the data is what seems really to be dragging it down. I think that the Apple maps team is probably trying to figure out why it sucks so badly, and they're going to find that it's the data. The software itself isn't horrible so much as the framework behind it which causes all the inaccuracies. Still, I do think they have a solid base, and under Tim's guidance we will see a fix at Apple's next media event. I'm still a doubter...
Is it an issue with the graphics card? Unlikely, but if the sound keys are working, but you're only seeing a mouse on screen it could be that.
Well, using it is a breeze. Not to self promote, but in my review of the iphone 5, I wrote about how great it is as a user, and not just in terms of stats. Benchmarks are semi-important, but nothing beats real use and after using the phone for a short while I can tell you it feels incredibly fast. Pages load instantly. Apps load quickly. Everything about it is FAST. P.S my friends are in that brigade.
Happy to say I was not under investigation by the FBI. Don't know about you guys.
New Posts  All Forums: