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LOL NUBES. Sorry. Just had to get that out there.
If they can keep the price down, it would make absolute sense. It would put a device that is already far ahead of its' competitors (face it. It doesn't even compete with the iPad) even more ahead and give it a greater appeal. A cellular option means that people who need cellular for travel, but want something smaller or cheaper than the iPad will have a good option.
For most programs, as long as the program is only open on one computer at a time, the licensing keys work. Not always true, but I think you should be fine. Keep your serial numbers nearby just in case.
Sounds like you solved your problem, but by scanning, if that didn't work and it's a wireless connection issue on one mac, check for a self assigned IP address. Those are easy to solve, but a real pain when they happen. Yours sounds like something different though.
The new Macbook is sick, but I just don't understand why Apple didn't talk about the new airport express at the keynote. They had a huge stage to promote it, and they released it without so much as a press release. Apple, such a strange company! The only people really reporting on it are these guys. It's just bizarre.
New Posts  All Forums: