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Please can we just wait until 9th Sept. All this idle speculation is simply wasting our lives. Surely we have something better to do than this unproductive banter. What really makes me chuckle is some folk write here as if Apple are actually listening or reading this. Get a life !!!!!!
Sorry folks but this is all starting to sound same old, same old. When it's here, then we'll have something to crow about I'm sure, but all this speculation is just counter productive. Oct is too far away to get that excited and we've all got lives to live. 
It's all about cost. Macs are perceived to be too expensive. Few consider total through life costs.
$3 billion is an awful lot to pay for cachet, cultural or otherwise. I was kind of hoping they bought Beats for the quality of its IP and developmental potential, rather than to keep a few fashion followers happy. Still what do I know.
Whew !  You've made a "not so young man" feel a whole lot better....although I bet they can still code in their sleep. 
Looking at all those developers faces tonight at the WWDC made me think.....My God, aren't they young !  Or am I just getting older. 
I hope you're right. Like the idea but just have inherent mistrust of insurance company's who like bankers offer you an umbrella when it's sunny and take it back just as it starts to rain ! Just one step up from estate agents in my book. 
I did and I thought exactly the same. Insurance companies are going to love "Health" I'd treat this extreme caution especially with the third party integration and Extensions. As for the rest of the Keynote. Lots of really good stuff, especially on the Enterprise side.
Can the "Setting" button be removed from the iPad using these tools. This would reduce the risk of light fingered tech savvy teenagers turning the iPad learning tool into yet another gaming consul ?
All they need to do cover the logo with the biggest piece of dayglow tape they can. Make the cover up as conspicuous as possible, for under the day glow tape beats the heart of innovation and quality, Apple. It's so good, rivals are even afraid of the logo.
New Posts  All Forums: