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An iPad is just a tool and good teachers know when to use the right tool for the job. The iPad is not THE tool for all jobs, it's just one tool in a kit bags of learning instruments. If Apple is so keen to put iPads in front of students, they need to make them affordable and STAFF and STUDENTS need to be trained how to use them effectively as a shared and personal learning device. Getting rid of Flash has had many unforeseen benefits....numerous inane flash game won't...
Just hope my 4s lasts that long...as I see little compelling reason to upgrade to the 5 or 5s at the moment.
 This did make me chuckle.... The real world can't afford to update kit with every whim and tremor of technology. A stylus is essential for so many jobs which the iPad could be capable of doing admirably, I can't understand why Apple haven't already made one charged us the Earth for it. The finger is great for making impressions in wet clay tablets but as a real, ACCURATE writing or sketching tool on an iPad, it's bloody useless.
This does put desktop computing in perspective, especially when you realise that the vast majority of this user base is corporate. Yes it's true mobile is the growing market but within corporations where real number crunching and documents get generated, windows is still king. Unfortunately that will not change until Apple offers a serious contented for Office and Excel in particular. OSX really hasn't made a big dent in the corporate market if these numbers are to be...
The cost and inaccessibility (or lack of universal access) restricts the usefulness of some excellent textbooks on iBooks. Apple aren't really that serious at getting these books into mainstream education. When money is tight, the folk with the money and students they support wish for Apple products, but purchase MS and Google, simply because Education spending is purely cost driven and generally has little or no sense of value for money. That being said, Apple don't help...
This is often is the case, the best solutions are often obvious, once exposed, usually the simplest and often overlooked. Simplicity and elegance itself. Just think about velcro and post it notes.
Compared to the give away prices being offered for MS Surfaces,  these reductions will not cut it with the UK educational establishments who are strapped for cash.  They will have to pursue the cheap and cheerful option of Surface tablets because these exam factories are run by accountants these days. If Apple was serious about getting into education, give the coal face teacher a break and stymie the accountants arguments and make the price reductions worthwhile and...
Who really cares ? Leaked mini, leaked maxi, leaked nappie. You watch somebody will read something into the flat, black and white buttons in a moment. Samsung have little of any innovative value to offer. They simply make mediocre copies of leading innovative products. It's about ecosystem and Android's is pants.
Completely agree...don't buy it. Thanks Adobe for helping me make the break and look for an alternative. Rest assured when I find it will post the result to all in sundry. Goodbye Adobe. Now where is that Acorn App...?
Goodbye Adobe. You may get more control but who'll update now. Like MS Office, there are no compelling reasons to update, this kit does everything most folk want it to do.  These folks going cloud subscription only just don't get it do they, internet connections and levels/speeds of access just aren't that good for many who would use this software as a student or teacher. You won't be catching many of these early anymore.
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