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Cheap iphone, improved iWorks for iPad and wider availability of iBook and ibook editor and Apple will be we on their way to extending their reach in every aspect of users working and personal lives. The Apple eco system and the fantastic apps there in is the glue to Apple's future, just as Office was the adhesive for MS. Improvements in iOS and OSX will enable this to remain fresh and the hardware will need to remain reliable, enabling and sexy. Give folk the access to...
Oh well there goes the chance of Office being put on iOS. Maybe it's time for Apple to sort out iBooks and make it available on Windows and Android platform. That might kill off Flash once and for all.
Very surprised at iWork building a following. Pages is OK but really not a serious word processing tool and Number is just awful. Keynote is actually awesome. If Apple can lift the functionality of PAges and Numbers to be on par with the functionality of Word and Excel they would wipe the field. This save to iCloud and the loss of Save as is actually a real pain and actually forces me to stop using Pages for any other than the brochures (where it excels). 
Yes please....looks very nice.
Is this in an earthquake zone ?
This looks like a nice trick. Do like the stylus. If the eco system was there this would be competitive.
Oh please...Come on Apple just innovate and beat the competition with quality products at a sensible price, and make litigation a minor part of the game. The only folk who benefit from this headlong rush to the courts are the lawyers, and they are fat enough already.  
A decent size screen would be very nice. The incremental change of the iPhone 5 just wasn't worth the angst or the money for me to upgrade from the 4S. Like the idea of colours. but serious consideration needs to be given to price of the 4 and 4S with the next release. The Eco system is the killer at the moment but it won't be that way for very much longer. Get folk hooked on the eco system and they'll hang around. If it just the phone then they will come and go like...
They'll not get very far until they get the price right.....they are playing in a consumer market here and I'm afraid price is a huge factor in how consumer make their purchasing decisions. Eco systems don't mean a lot to a parent strapped for cash with a baying teenager wanting a tablet. Apple have just got to get in there and kill off the opposition with very aggressive educational pricing. the rest will tumble. Mum and dad aren't going to buy an android tab if their...
What is the point of having a patent office that grants patents only to invalidate them later ? Time to put a few civil servants out to grass and save the tax payers a few dollars as the job they are doing is simply no longer valid. 
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