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I told ya apple maps sucked. Now apple goes to a Finnish company for American maps! Unbelievable !
HaHa, apple ain't the power that they thought they were since Jobs died!
Apple stock is dropping and for a little iPad, a little event at a little theatre in San Jose so the Apple executives don't have to drive far and don't miss much work!
They neglected to mention that they raised the price
Will also work on Walmarts 50 buck a month network which beats all the others.
Apples TOMTOM map sucks in comparison to Goggles map plain ans simple. Apple screwed us.
How nice, he has a driver so he don't need great mapping.
Apples map app is a tom/tom program which sucked before apple got their slimy hands on it.
We want Google Maps back, screw the lousy substitutes Tim Cook you are a fool. Jobs is spinning in his grave for giving you the reins.
Wish I could return to iOS 5 and dump iOS 6! Even Cook realizes that apple made a major mistake..Keep it up and apple will go the way of PALM and BLACKBERRY!
New Posts  All Forums: