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All this hype to profit Apple. You people are fools. You bought a iPhone 4s a year ago and now you're going to dump that and buy a new Chinese phone. Does apple care about their customers, I think not, they are just numbers on a P
American fies antique MD80's and uses iPads , what a contrast. How's about retiring antiques.
I aint worried about a stupid ford sync, I can't get my calender to sync between my Macbook, iPad and ipod correctly
Facebook sucks along with Mark Fukenberg , it is a failure, ask your broker, it will haunt the kids that tell all on it for the rest of their lives. Dump Facebook !
Apple really don't care about their customers otherwise they would have a program to brick a stolen phone and make it useless. I understand in Austrailia there is a program to do just that. Their needs to be cooperation between cellphone sellers and cell service providers to protect their customers.
It is absolutely the mst magnifancent development by Apple since they named the company after a fruit. Jobs is smiling down.
Big deal! The largest company on earth should share the wealth and hire more Americans in Cupertino. I was there a few weeks ago and it didn't seem to be in the USA,
Stupid judge, should be impeached for remark, mistrial, reversal, and let the litagants pay the costs.
We can hope that the new 5 makes it to Wal-Marts Straight Talk $45 a month service. That would be great.
Check out BBB complaints about Square...there are many
New Posts  All Forums: