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 Very informative. Thank you. I'll still be hopeful that someday I'll be able to choose to specific programming I want. If enough people move away from cable, I see these providers looking for alternative revenues streams but, as you mentioned, exclusivity agreements are a huge hurdle to that.
 Yes, for a fee. I think you can do it by episode or pay for the season pass. This is my first time buying a season pass on iTunes and, a few hours after the show airing, it was available in iTunes. Otherwise, Netflix won't have it until next October. I'll have to check it out. I'm not up-to-date at all on shows at all. Everyone keeps telling me about Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, and, now, your suggestion... none of which I've seen.
 Never said it was a premium channel, just one that requires a cable subscription to watch. While Netflix has all prior seasons now, I was referring to a season pass for the current season that just starting airing.
 Baseball is the one thing I miss without cable. MLB has been talking about trying to update its outdated blackout policy, which might mean the ability to watch local games on MLB.TV. I'm hoping that more and more stations move towards "standalone" options for non-cable customers. There is a large amount of money to be made by offering cord cutters access to the select programming they want. For instance, I wonder how much AMC makes per household from airing Walking Dead...
 "But what about the children?!"
 Exactly. There's no "back door" installed on my house by the builders that only the police hold the key to. Nor a "police remote" made by my car's manufacturer that unlocks my trunk. Nor should there be a backdoor access point created by Apple on my cell phone just in case the FBI thinks they need to see what's in it. I get that technology changes the way our criminal justice system works but asking that all our data be easily accessible when they ask for it is absurd. I...
What an idiotic argument to compare a vehicle or apartment to a cell phone. Vehicles and apartments can hold physical evidence, cell phones contain intangible ideas and discussions.   As previously suggested, this would be no different than making everyone wear a microphone and saying, "We'll record everything you say but we PROMISE to only listen to it if we think we have a good enough reason to. Just trust us."   And, if that doesn't convince people, make it about...
 That makes sense. I just figured that someone with an older phone is probably at or nearing the end of their contract anyways... and, as a result, their phone probably wouldn't fetch much of a trade-in value from T-Mobile. I was ready to jump ship to T-Mobile when I saw this promotion until I saw that a trade-in was required. Guess I'll stick with Verizon.
 I thought this was the case too but, according to T-Mobile's website, you have to trade in a phone. Kind of eliminates any value of the offer considering you have to take a loss on your phone... even if you plan on, for example, switching from a Verizon 5s to a T-Mobile 5s. "We'll pay the other guy's $350 for your ETF as long as you give us a $650 phone, we'll give you $300, and then you have to pay $600 for the same phone you just traded in."
We recently switched to Verizon and got a 5s and 5c. If I were to take advantage of this offer, would I need to sell my iPhone and buy ones that work on T-Mobile? Or will our new Verizon phones work on T-Mobile?   Also, I read this on one website but not sure if I'm understanding it correctly: If I were to leave Verizon and pay the ETF, would our phones be considered "unlocked" or would that require an additional step as AT&T has traditionally required?
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