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  Yup, patch a bad policy over a bad policy over another bad policy and what do you get? Our government and legal system.   If what you say is true that "policy got us into this mess", then you can either: (a) fix it with policy or (2) get rid of the policies altogether. Do you want to put new shingles over a rotting roof?
  Couldn't have said it any better.   We reward (aka "subscribe to") all these companies that we despise and then whine when we don't get our way. I hate cable companies too... so I bought a $10 antenna and AirPlay things I can’t get with my antenna. That way, I don’t have to cry to my senators about those bully cable companies. I've got nothing to complain about when my cable bill is $0 a month.
  Relax.   The CEO did say the terms were too high a couple years ago. What's worse though? Making a large investment in a lower-margin phone or losing nearly $60m in net income over last year?
  Have you see their earnings lately? Profits fell something like 92% over the same quarter last year.
How funny. Two years ago I begged US Cellular to get the iPhone. They kept saying that the iPhone would soon be obsolete and that their Android products were among the best phones in the world. We reluctantly switched to AT&T. Apparently we weren't the only ones to switch. Great customer service and excellent coverage... but they didn't listen to their customers. Now they've been hemorrhaging customers and selling off some of their markets to Sprint. And now it took them...
What a shame. Now, JCP can raise their prices 25% and then offer customers a 20% off coupons and watch the foolish shoppers come roaring back through the doors to "catch a great sale". It's a huge disappointment that his philosophy didn't work because, after all, they were one of very few stores running an honest, open, and fair pricing policy.
I haven't had a chance to read all the articles on this yet but I've got a few questions about the iPhone on these "new" providers:   1. I saw something about the phone being specially made for T-Mobile. Does this mean that it won't be compatible with other providers?   2. Since Walmart now officially sells the iPhone on Straight Talk, does that mean it has visual voicemail (and any other features that were previously lacking with Straight Talk, if any)?   3....
  I can partially agree with you here. There are some real dumps out there. The store in my college town was disgusting.    The store by me now is a new build and I really like it. I feel like I'm walking into a top-notch store and then I see $10-$20 articles of clothing. Maybe that's the problem here: too many old, out-dated stores.
It's a real shame that Johnson's vision isn't catching on. It says a lot about the rationality, or lack thereof, of consumers. He took all the guesswork out of shopping: no coupons, no worrying that something will go on sale tomorrow, no excessive markups followed by extreme markdowns to give the appearance of "a good deal"... just honest, everyday low prices. I love it.   You can get a nice dress shirt from JCP for $20. You go into Kohl's and can find the same shirt...
You're right. Making a math mistake invalidates everything I know. Just as you being wrong about this argument proves you don't know anything? Invalid logic.   You cannot have profit percentages over 100%. I get what you're saying, I know how you came up with your number. It's a cute spin on math but when you are presenting "profit percentages" you don't include losses. You include losses when calculating total industry profit, you include losses when adding segments...
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