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Nothing is too low for sansung... .... Or some wallstreet thug !Second i dont see any justified motivation for AI to use that headline! It is pure negative twist and missinformation! Ask yourself why? Headlines dont apear out of thin air. Someone decided to print that. What was the reason or the insentive ?....
No my friend .. I am strictly talking expectationsExpectation on eps was 1.23... Apple did 1.28Expectations on margin was 37ish. Apple did 39 ishApple beat profit Expectations not apple guidance !
WrongApple beat profit ExpectationAnd apple beat margin expectations!
The bigger problem with the headline is that apple exceeded earning expectations and margin expectations.. Not just guidance but expectations.
.... And why would u be so naive to think that is not a real possibility?The fact is the headline is false and puts a negative twist on facts.Apple beat profit expectationApple beat margin expectations..Apple grew double digits yoyApple broke All time records !
The head line say profit expectation... Pure misinformation and intentional negative twist .U decide whats more valuable.. AI Printing anything they want or print facts.And if they dont print facts .. And put negative spin on reality.. Why ????
" troubling the market". .. Lol..Yup the market should really be worried about apples performance In the next few months into holiday season and a flood of new products and pent up demand like never before !
AI headline is pure misinformation! As apple exceeded profit expectations ! Something fishy here AI... Whats up? Samy? Payola?
AI Apple beats on earnings.. Margins... Doubke digit growth yoy... And this is what u use as headline? Samdung paying u guys?
And fail miserably even at that !
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