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The watch does not need a case... Come on.....
LolApple will not use the "one more thing" phrase this time ....I think they will go for "1 more thing"
Yes a little bit everyday
Yes.. A little bit everyday...
Yet.. Last quarter Apple proved to contrary... They kicked butt in china... While most if the china slowing down data causing panic now is from the same period! As for currancy... I feel apple has provisions for currancy fluctuation... Any wise CFO would not allow other wise.. Given the provisions... Apple can transfer the lowerd manufacturing cost to consumers in china. Maintaing their margins and maintaing prices in china. Yet Due to lower manufacturing cost......
Anyone.....Can i trade mark the english language ?
Ofcourse.. Been in ocean sports for most my life...We will see how it holds up... I love the exercise information i get from it . ...So far it is handeling it like a champ... And it gets washed when i take a shower so saltwater does not stay on it for too long ..... Maybe 5 hours max per session ..Upgrading to new model is going to be inevidable anyway
What are they doing with their watches? I use mine at Bikram yoga..( sweat galore ) I use it when i go windsurfing (salt water, waves, and sand) Have it on all day... Take showres with it and all. Have had it since day one and it has been subject to the above since day one ...and it still looks like day one..!
Siri on Apple watch is amazing!!!Dont ask me why its better than its implementation on iPhone.. But it is !Maybe ios 9 will bring to tye same level on Iphone!SLACK... stop the tough talk and blowing smoke.. You got something ? Show it to me!
APPLE.... its not only about gaining banks.. We need merchent support and exposure ! We need to recognize where the service is honored... Not experiment at every cashier register looking like a fool if it does not work! Flood merchants with applepay stickers.. Give them incentive to put stickers on windows and registers!
New Posts  All Forums: