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Samdung !
I think it is a gimmik... Main issue is how those additional cameras running all the time effect the battery life . Is it worth the gimmick ? I dont think so ! Ps. Doesn't samdung have eye tracking no one uses?
Mythical strep five to be the hurdle? Lol Apple is akready ahead if competition in most of the issues he brough up.. Ahead by a wide margin
Muller is a Samdung troll now .. More than clear. If apple patents are worthless why are they fighting to keep it in their phones? Do without them Samdung !
Ios 7 Is that Ives or Christie? Much more detail about disagreements needs to be known Before passing judgment !
Whats the new mac pro ?Whats the new imac?
using the word obscurity for ipad.. Says only one thing.. " I'm getting paid to bash Apple "
Amazing this can happen in US of A.... Cote... Epitome of corruption! To me the only way this makes sense is for Bazos to be pulling the strings ! Who else?
"Such an arrangement would imply that any subscriber to such a service would have to be a Comcast subscriber who happens to have Apple hardware, rather than an Apple customer who becomes a Comcast subscriber," he said. Does not compute! Why? One can be an apple customer who then subscribes to Comcast app to get additional content through different apple devices !
I see.. Google made a killing with Motorola .. So much so they dumped the company ! ! And all the phones they have made so far... Major block busters .. And the glasses are huge hit ! The author is so in tune with reality ! Oh ya and android! Such original game changing invention ... Shame on apple for knocking it off! Right?
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