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Looks very interesting... Will watch for sure!
Son.. You are out to lunch... You have wasted your time posting yet communicating zero useful insight.Best of luck to u ..
My first question to u was to elaborate...Got an upity answer from you.... And you claimed nothing strange has happened...... And that Itis the ignorance of others that dont get it !Maybe you should study a bit more .. And inform yourself.....
Miss??? What miss? They broke records on every metric! Even guidance indicates 25% growth yoy.. Whats wrong with you guys reprinting bs headlines ?
You must be living under a rock or something if you dont think something strange has actually happened ...
And what is the perspective of those who get it? If you care to elaborate ?
Look at the long term chart of this casino
There wont be one.. But there should be!This kind if bogus games WS charlatans play .. Hurts the credibilty of the market.
Down 8% on stellar results. This is BS ... Total BS !
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