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The photo on line is not the same as the photo above. It does not have the touch id botton. And is a normal 5c! http://store.apple.com/us/product/MGRM2/iphone-lightning-dock That said i hope apple does not reintroduce the 5c form factor and instead do a 3.8-4.0 inch iphone 6 formfactor !
Unfortunate! They are in a tough situation...
One can not draw conclusions based on the launch of the Apple watch and the mess it was and compare it to previoise Apple product launch patterns ! Once product availibilty and the exposure is there then one can extrapolate demand and popularity. The word of mouth and buzz is not there yet due to extream scarcity !
Yup amazing charisma and master of PR!But in privet a different story ( sometimes )
Better book... And better choice of actor..
Fantastic!!!! Love it and its waterproof!!! Wow .....
Give it microsofts PE and we would be at 160 today ! But the market believes in microsoft more than apple. .... Sad. I feel a huge and profound statement in the TV environment can help push the PE up to reasonable levels. where it is now , its absurd !
Thank you i was not aware of that.I think your advice automatically happens since i go to yoga in the evening.. Where my battery is around 50 % ish..already !I will report as i abuse more! So far it has proven very tough !Cheers
It is the Sport 42 with the white strap !I dont see why the stainless will be any less durable... If anything i think it will be more durable !
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