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Great feature.. Hope it ships with production model. Allows for many creative options down the line !
AWESOME! I hope it goes on sale within week of the announcment !
Apple has not mentioned anything about gold bands...... It will be interesting to see if his orediction comes through ? Also him saying " 55% sport, 45% stainless, that leaves little room for gold.... " is kind of a meaningless and confused backwards assesment. The "room" is not limited to two models.... There are 3 models and each will have a certain percentage ...
Who will trust SamScum with SamScum Pay ? A Company with a reputation of being deceitful, sneaky and fraudulant !
This is not new! Apple has been at this at least for 4 years or so...if not much longer They had job postings in similar categories way back .... So my hope is that it we will be in the market sooner than later
Logic or Garageband !
Mind boggeling
To what avail? Stupid ! Same level of decision as their car designs!
1-High end cars have margins north of 30%2.. It takes 1 billion to develope a new car model. It takes another billion to to produce and take to market (incured in 4-5 years) ...Apple spent aprox 4 billion on R&D last year. Apple spen 3 billion for beats .......(..even if the car never makes it to market, what apple learns from the venture will make it worth while , let alone if they really comeup with some cool disruptive product )2- how did i phone change the world ?.. Or...
Tesla seems doing fine against all odds u mentioned ....Did you know that in japan they have more electric car charge stations than gas stations already !
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