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Anything can be made too look bad if oresented out of context and manipulative edditing !
I just want to see speeder adoption of apple pay here in usa.. It is a terrific piece of technology and i love using it! I make a point of making a comment about it if tye merchant does not support it yet ! Most say soon...... Come on.. Lets see it everywhere!
That video is hilarious!!!! Lol
Where is the applepay option?
Elevate it pretty cool!
Thats huge!!!!
Consumers had a choice of buying other mp3 players. Why should apple be forced to do what hurts their Buisness? If one does not like what apple ecosys provides.. Go buy a different product! Planty available ... There is or was no monopoly !
I want to see google in pain !... I have a feeling it is coming soon .....
black friday.. Holiday season.. And FUD time by competition. Mine has no problems .. And its my first iphone on which i have not used a screen protrctor !
.. Unreal how these analists set a tone by bogus choice of words. Apple will see drop in demand to 50 million..? Sounds negative doesnt it! But yet is a yoy growth from 43 million to 50 million and a record for that quarter wich is apple fiscal q2.
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