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. Samdung here is the recipe.. Go copy... Why isnt apple guarding/hiding theses patents a little more carefully! .?
Another funny thing.. Today in my mail i received a paypal mastercard credit card! Paypal... Apple is trying to make credit cards obsolete.. And u are sending me a new paypal credit card? Are we regressing here?
Lol... Pathetic... And i like PayPal... But these negative campaigns tactics are the biggest turn off.. Hey pay pal.. Rise above .. Dont drag others down to apear above them. Class matters !
Samdung = Epitome of audacious vulgarity !
I just called the store.. Nothing on display until the 19th
And i was expecting less spectacular results since i believe most will wait to actually see and feel the size of the new phone before they purchase ! Yet they broke records! Just imagine the sales when it actually shows up in stores !
How is this different or better thsn whats out there..? Not bring a troll... Just curios!
Stop publishing garbage AI
New Posts  All Forums: