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After i updated to ios 8.4 and itunes 12.2.. And synced my ipad and iphone... all my playlists got messed up.. most got deleted and iPad and iPhone showed different playlist... Total mess.... re-syncing just jumbled things around and still left the mess . After many trials and errors the followng workd for me: 1- Back up all devices in iTunes to the computer .. Not icloud ( for safety reasons) 2- Turn on "iCloud music liberary" in itunes 12.2 preferences/general .. (...
Just downloaded ios 8.4 Have been playing around with the music app and all features!, LOVE IT !!! There is so much there.. So many ways yo discover and listen to music... Can be over whelming but in a great way ! Pretty cool so far.... Lets see how it keeps up . Good job Apple!
May remaind everyone that CNBC is owned by comcast ! Its a laughably biased propaganda machine not a dignified news channel.
Yup.. It was done through the cameras.. Different and inferior approach
Respectfully and totally disagree.Monopoly screws the consumer.Balance is the best approach and monopolies are far from balanced !
Comcast should not be allowed to acquire any more comunication companies or consumer will get screwed!
Still baffled over the beats acquisition....
Come on..... Its different enough and whats the big deal ?
The photo on line is not the same as the photo above. It does not have the touch id botton. And is a normal 5c! http://store.apple.com/us/product/MGRM2/iphone-lightning-dock That said i hope apple does not reintroduce the 5c form factor and instead do a 3.8-4.0 inch iphone 6 formfactor !
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