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Great Idea!!!%uD83D%uDC4D%uD83C%uDFFB
I dont know.. But my wife has an esaer time finding music on itunes than me.. That said .. I dont think apple music interface is anything to write home about.. Starting with the stupid inefficient bubbles to the crammed interface... Apple .. Please! up your game on UI and software... You guys have been slipping lately ....
Its already available on itunes... What next friday release ?
Dont forget iPhone Gimbals... Awesome Just search for iphone gimbal and u will see a lot of choices ! Fully stabilized on 3axis... Sample pic.
He is talking about editing text friend.. Not rendering a complex 3d sceneHave you heard of codea? Its written for ipad.And why would ipad be the wrong tool for programing ? ..
He forgot to mention another very important function besides drawing. Precision input. A finger is not precise... Try tracing a shape with a finger ( let say for drawing masks) . Or pin pointing a location on cad.. 3d ... Etc.
Give me a break Kuo..You are no insider... First u start a rumor then u start dancing around it... Stop the stupid rumors
Its all about software catching up... We need full fleged application ..Not watered down apps.. Hope developers catch up fast! Apple should have thrown in a couple of powerful applications to inspire and get the ball rolling. But they did not!! Why? .. And pencil is delayed by 4-5 weeks...!! Grrrrrr Come on apple why ?
Yes.. Yes and yes !
Like the cofe curriculum idea ...
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