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Buzzzzzzzz Galore!
Time will tell.To me ...let the iphone have the whole attention on the first event...Then after a month introduce the iwatch on its own event..as an accessory or however they see fit !This way neither will overshadow the other..Apple gets more exposure through two seperate events !
Yes and no in a sense. Iwatch needs iphone.. But iphone does not need iwatch.Id rather see iphone introduced with its full flare and focus..And at a later date introduce iwatch in full flare and focus and show how is works with the iphone and more !This way each product will have its own limelight !
No way apple will dilute the attention of the world by announcing them together! Apple will keep the focus on each product in its own exclusive event !
Absolute FUD. Ridiculous that they want us to believe that in june apple suddenly realized the back lighting is not correct... Lol...
Nope wrong..55% white at apple..Whites are underrepresented!LolJust goes to show you how bogus and misleading these headlines are !
US population 69% white Apple white employees 55% Whites are underrepresented .....lol
"revealing that its U.S.-based employees are overwhelmingly male and white"???????? US population is 69% white. how is 55% white employees overwhelmingly white? If anything apple should hire more white people to be in line with the population mix.. As it is apple is discriminating against whites... Lol Just goes to show you that AI did not bother to do a simple google search before they Chose to pubilsh this overwhelmingly erroneous headline...... Wonder why ? ........
Got to be proud of out legal system.. Arent u now ! .???? Unreal...... System designed to work for lawyers by lawyers.. Nothing more !
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