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Ok... And how do you know how many patents i have ???
Steve did not invent the mac... Why do all these scripts keep pushing that he was an inventor of products? He was a master cheery picker. Master marketer, and a master industrialist.... Inventor, engineer Nope.... ..
Well if they are connected to other apps they are necessary for something other than the specific app.If they are not connected then i agree.....
Preinstalled ios apps dont need to get deleted if they are connected to other apps.. But the icons can be hidden opening up real estate on the screen. In any case i dont get what the big fuss is???
It was ok... Nothing to write home about. A few aggressive remarks here and there... But mostly footage i had seen in little clips here and there .
Allow me to buy music directly from the player.. Why route me to itunes app to buy something ? Just add a buy botton on songs i discover. Reduce the clutter.., looks too stuffed and rushed... And all over the place .
The watch does not need a case... Come on.....
LolApple will not use the "one more thing" phrase this time ....I think they will go for "1 more thing"
Yes a little bit everyday
Yes.. A little bit everyday...
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