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Modern day Pittsburgh has turned into a city of medical facilities. Perhaps Apple will be working on health apps here. 
It scares me when people start talking about Apple moving away from Intel chips in their Macs. The move to Intel was the reason I started investing in Apple. I am a frequent VMWare user for some key Windows only software that is not available for the Mac. Unless Apple has their own Intel compatible chip in the works, it would be a very bad idea to produce a Mac that is not capable of running Windows software. 
Why doesn't someone sue Samsung for misleading its investors?
Is it possible that the glue holding the battery in would melt if it was heated from the bottom?
Misek is not working for the little guy in the stock market. He is working for himself and other program traders to swing the market for their own gain. He has no conscience, no integrity, no ethics. He is dumb like a fox. His predictions help to swing the market even though they are wrong. Some investors actually like this. It is the little guy in the market that gets hurt.
If Apple is using the same display unit in the new iPod Touch, that could explain why the Touch won't be available until "October". Apple is building the iPhones first because they are more profitable. When they have meet the demand for iPhones, then they will begin producing iPod Touches. Just speculation on my part.
I was able to successfully repair my OWC SSD in my MacBook Pro early 2011 by removing the file vault encryption using the Security & Privacy control panel, then running Disk Utility from the recovery partition. Without removing encryption, the "Macintosh HD" was not selectable in Disk Utility from the recovery partition. After removing encryption, it was available. After repair I turned file vault on again and everything was fine.    I had corrupted my disk by...
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