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SSDs use NAND flash for storage. What the hell are you talking about? And if you aren't sure, why are you posting nonsense?
Please support this statement with evidence. What exactly has become more expensive in an iPad?
Storage prices have nose dived since the last spec bump. SSDs are now being RETAILED at roughly $1/GB.
At $929 there's no way I'd be buying this. This is Apple ramping up the prices so people get used to things getting more expensive, because last time they bumped the specs, the 8/16/32GB iPhones shifted prices to the 16/32/64GB models. With this, however, Apple is making a clear statement that the prices won't shift anymore, despite technological advancements.
Typing that on TextEdit causes it to crash on an exception, which subsequently causes the report form to crash as well when the same string is displayed. It's hilarious.
It's a big deal because it's not intuitive. The first time I realized that apps didn't actually close I found it odd and wasteful.I did address this point. Operating systems do keep a filesystem cache, so provided that there is enough memory, the application will be loaded from that cache, not from the disk. If there is no memory, the application will be in backing store either way, so swapping from backing store to the main memory will also count as loading from disk,...
I've actually never understood the point in keeping windowless applications open, it simply does not make sense. If the application has no windows open, then it does not need to keep user data in memory because it's not processing any kind of user data, and the argument that they're simply keeping themselves in memory in order to open windows more quickly doesn't make sense either since the launching the application should not require more effort than resuming from...
VoiceOver reads OS X as OS Ten. Select my previous sentence, go to Edit -> Speech -> Start Speaking and hear for yourself. Saying the X out loud would make it sound like OS Sex.
Metadata in general, and OS / application-specific metadata in particular, should not be represented as files. This is to prevent standard UNIX tools such as tar and rsync from storing those files where they don't make sense. POSIX provides extended attributes (xattr), which OS X already uses and in some cases abuses for metadata storage; it just sucks that not all metadata is stored in xattr and in some cases file contents are stored as metadata for backward...
You shouldn't need to defrag on any modern filesystem unless the filesystem is almost full, and even then it may still defrag itself in the background. While I'm not entirely sure of how HFS+ works specifically, modern filesystems are designed to store larger files as far away from each other and fill the gaps with smaller files starting before the first block of large files, leaving some room between all files so that they can be appended to. The point of filling the...
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