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You acknowledge that in that case it is down to a question of subjectivity (which I disagree, but that doesn't matter); you also claim that that article provides an objective comparison between both engines; and it just happens that subjective objectivism is an oxymoron. thus refuting your claim about the article's objectivity. So back to stage one with you! Provide a definition for "objective"!
Apple Maps is worse as a replacement -- that's my claim, and that's already been proven. What matters in a replacement is that the replacement part match all the properties of the replaced part. Whether the replacement part has more properties is irrelevant because those properties are not replacing anything and thus are not expected, but if it has less properties, then it's worse than the original part. The reason for this, as I have explained a number of times...
That's red herring. Also, I don't have a magical logic, but you were beating a dead horse.It's amazing how logically sound people such as you seem completely incapable of proving me wrong...
That's not given, and you also seem to lack reading comprehension (which does not surprise me anymore, as you can guess by my previous replies to you). What the article that you linked to says is the following:This doesn't mean Google returns crap; what it means is that Google understands what you want better. I even gave an example of such a case in this thread when I mentioned the problems I have with Apple Maps not recognizing characters such as 'a', 'á', 'à', and 'ã'...
Prove that no one knew. So far, the only one who seems to be confused is you... I even asked, several times, exactly what it was that you were not understanding, and you never replied to my questions, implying that you actually understood, which I am now interpreting as a reaction of shame.
Not my fault if you are incapable of following the context of a thread... I came late and managed to do it; you seem to be the only confused party here...
And I demonstrated that the link you provided did not back up your claims and even mentioned some cases where Google maps is better (like the search), thus refuting your point.
The branch of the discussion we're in has strayed from that a long time ago thus making it irrelevant for you to bring this up because when I posted my first reply to this branch it was already derailed. Don't ignore the context of a discussion that you willingly joined just because it's not convenient to you anymore.
That deduction is irrational. Just because I mentioned a concrete case doesn't mean that case is the only thing I care about. I only mentioned one case because that was all it took to refute you; it doesn't make sense to read into it.
Or perhaps you can define "objective" so that we can scrutinize the application of your definition to the context of this debate.
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