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No need for links, Google Street View is available on Google Maps, but Apple Maps doesn't implement anything similar, so Apple Maps can't replace that.
Nope, the justification was already given: Apple Maps replaced Google Maps, but Google Maps didn't replace anything. Different conditions justify different standards.
Yes, there's lots of evidence of that thus making it factual, ranging from missing features to missing or inaccurate data that Google Maps gets right to the less forgiving search functionality. While Apple Maps may have things that Google Maps lacks, that doesn't make it as good as Google Maps. As long as Google Maps is better than Apple Maps at something, Apple Maps won't be a suitable replacement for it.
Nope, again, the replacement does not have to be perfect, only at least as good as what is replaced, and I fail to understand how you could deduce otherwise, especially when I've already demonstrated that such a deduction is completely flawed. You seem to love loaded questions for some reason. Do you really expect me to fall for one? I'm not that basic...Neither.
What people can reasonably expect from Google Maps and what Google Maps provides in terms of quality are completely different concepts. Just because Google can get away with crappy quality (because people have no reason to expect better) doesn't imply anything about the actual quality of the service. As I said earlier, you seem to have a huge problem with abstract concepts, and it's extremely evident here.Yes, I do have a point and a conclusion too: either you are a...
So Apple is on par with 7 year old technology?
Perhaps, but it's still unreasonable to expect ME to look for ninja edits in any of the 320+ posts in this thread, or the audience to read the dates on all the posts in order to understand the timeline. Furthermore, while the edit time is tracked, the edited content isn't, thus making it impossible to tell whether a point was originally ignored or simply added by a later edit.Nope, I don't recall mentioning anything about the quality of Google Maps in this thread, so I...
Yes it does, in my explanation as to why people have more reason to expect quality from Apple Maps than they ever did from Google Maps. If people don't have reason to expect quality from Google Maps, it follows that Google Maps does not have to be perfect.Nope, but if you wish to have a rational debate (something I'm strongly beginning to doubt) you will want the people who are arguing against to read all your points, and editing your posts after they've been replied to...
Not all cases of double standards are irrational.
Why would I repeat myself when you're ignoring the rest of my posts? I asked what it was that you did not understand from my explanations on those posts and you pretty much ignored both my question and those posts. I pointed out the fact that your question was loaded with a fallacy and you ignored that point too, instead choosing to claim that I am dodging it.Dude, I've already explained that here! What is it that you do not understand in that post?PS: Please also don't...
New Posts  All Forums: