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Ask a rational question and I will provide a rational answer. Your question has been demonstrated to be irrational.
And what did you not understand from my 4 posts following that?Unless it's used to try to convey distinct concepts into an idea that misrepresents the opposition and then attacking that idea rather than the opposition.I've already done so, I've even included another concrete case so you could understand the difference in one of my posts. What was it that you did not understand?
Why would I be expected to answer a framed question? Your question is framed to rely on a logical fallacy, which I have already pointed ot, so why would I be required to answer it on your irrational terms?
I'm not dodging the question at, I even gave you another concrete example so you could make the comparison and understand what I'm saying, so I can't really understand how you read that as me avoiding the question. I've already fully explained what I said a number of times: Google Maps did not replace anything; Nokia Maps did not replace anything; so yes they can suck because people had no reason to expect anything from them. Apple Maps DID replace Google Maps, so no, it...
No, let us not ignore that, let me shut that formal logic fallacy down right now. Just because replacement implies precedence does not mean precedence implies replacement, thus making it wrong to deduce that my statement is based on precedence. Since you seem to have a hard time grasping abstraction, let me give you a concrete example where precedence exists without replacement: Nokia Maps preceded Apple Maps, yet nobody is complaining about the lack of information on...
Bold is mine, and yes, it's important. What I said is that Google Maps did not replace anything; changing my wording to imply something else and attacking that is a straw man fallacy. Apple Maps DID replace Google Maps as an app on iOS (the web alternative already existed before, so it can't be considered), thus creating the expectation that it should be at least as good as what it replaced.
Neither do I, because it's not based on precedence. Re-read my original argument.
As I said, any future arguments you may have have already been refuted. This one is not an exception. The version of Google Maps that you can still use is on the web and does not perform anything like the app did, due to lack of integration with the rest of iOS, the inability to save dropped pins, the inability to rotate, and its reliance on the network connection to update your current position on the map.
This has already been refuted in this thread, by me no less, and any further arguments you can think about when it comes to this case and my refutation of it have also been refuted. Google Maps does not have to be perfect because it did not replace anything.
No, I said that Apple is forcing everyone to use iOS 6, and they're employing all methods they legally can in order to achieve that (they can't install software without my permission). Anyone who has not saved their SHSH blobs back when Apple was still signing iOS 5 installs won't be able to restore from iOS 5 to iOS 5; anyone who upgrades to iOS 6 is stuck there (except for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users); new iDevices come with iOS 6, regardless of generation; and if an...
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