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See, proving that one is better than the other is only relevant to your argument, not to mine, because as I stated before, the expectation is that Apple Maps would be as good as Google Maps. It can be better, but it can't be worse anywhere in the world. It only takes a single case where Apple Maps is worse to make it fall short of people's expectations, and these expectations are made reasonable by the fact that Apple effectively replaced the service on their platform...
Of course I don't have to do this because I had the foresight to save my SHSH blobs before Apple stopped signing my iDevices for iOS 5.x, but still, as you can see, they're forcing the upgrade.
I think your own link shows that your arguments are flawed when:1 - it admits that it's only relevant to a single Canadian province (you're making claims about the entire world);2 - It mentions a test that shows completely contradictory results even in that Canadian province;3 - It states that Apple Maps fails at the most basic of tasks, which is to search for data that does not precisely match the data in its database.
The upgrade to iOS 6 is pretty much forced by Apple since they are no longer signing any iOS 5 installs. The rest of your argument is refuted by this.
This, of course, ignores the fact that the Google Maps that you can use on iOS 6 depends on your network connection to update the current position (which makes it unusable for driving due to lag), can not save locations, does not rotate, and is not integrated with Contacts, Calendars, or Reminders.
Nope, that's not what I'm saying, but feel free to attack that straw man if you like, because even that straw man is more reasonable than you.
It didn't replace any existing services. Nobody would be complaining about Apple's Maps had they been optional, but since they were forced down everyone's throats with iOS 6, Apple's Maps are expected to be at least as good as Google's.
Apple being late to the game is their own fault, not anyone else's. It's wrong to shift the burden to the customers, stop being an apologetict.If you can't guarantee the quality of your services, don't offer them, and especially don't prevent your customers from accessing concurrent services that actually work.No, you got the question wrong. The question you should be asking is: have so many people gotten lost due to Google Maps' wrong directions that police departments...
I can imagine the race to the bottom as everyone cloned the iDevices on the cheap side. It would have been the LCD descent to TN crap all over again: because TN is cheaper than VA and IPS, most LCD monitor vendors dropped the latter offers, resulting in monitors that I bought in 2006 to not be replaceable because there's nothing in the market at 21" or smaller that either matches or surpasses their quality.That's not what pays the bills, and it doesn't benefit the...
The main problem with these patents is that they patent the result rather than the method. A general patent on heuristics to recognize commands passed through a touch-screen essentially prevents everyone else from implementing touch-screens, because all touch-screen implementations are based on heuristics (you need to make a best guess f what the user wants to do from a sea of input ambiguity).
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