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Do you actually have a source for this? Because your post doesn't make sense considering that it doesn't happen on the iPhone 4S, which is a dual core system.
Ever played Infinity Blade II? Things can get really crazy there, especially when dual wielding.
While that's true on current hardware, it doesn't have to be in future hardware. As far as design is concerned, ARM is a lot easier to implement than x86; the only thing currently keeping x86 in the lead is Intel's vastly superior experience and competence in processor design, but given another company with comparable experience I have no doubt that ARM can completely destroy x86, both due to being a much simpler design with a much smaller instruction set and without...
Good luck figuring out who I am through Tor. If this is a demonstration of anything, it is of how unfit to be a moderator you really are. Instead of trying to mediate an explosive situation, you're fueling it. Watch out, that behavior will eventually come back to bite you!
It's not been replaced, it's still part of many IEEE standards. Just because you don't see it nowadays doesn't mean it's not used anymore. Every cellular USB dongle uses RS-232 internally, it's just converted to USB because most PC manufacturers have dropped RS-232 ports. Industrial and network appliances still rely heavily on RS-232 due to its simplicity, even the Lightning Connector is still supporting RS-232. The DB-9 port may not be as widely used today as it was...
You claimed that I'm lying, yet that thread proves you're the one posting bullshit that you have absolutely no idea about.I'd say the DB-9 used mostly for RS-232 has vastly outlived its expectations. Plenty of serial busses have come and gone while the RS-232 lives on. Not that this matters to the subject anyway, as I fail to see the relevance in this question, I only replied to it to demonstrate your ignorance.You were humiliated in the previous thread and will be over...
That has nothing to do with the connector, the Dock Connector is perfectly capable of offering the same speeds, potentially even more (since it has more conductors made of the same material: copper).
Cat's out of the cage now, the link to the previous thread has been posted.
Your fault for allowing people to spread nonsense here and contributing to it yourself.
How's the connector a "massive" improvement when it has less functionality?
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