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Easier to use as cluster nodes to power stuff that has real computational needs. For everything else, the Retina MacBook Pros are just as good thanks to Thunderbolt.
Just kill it and bring back the Xserve.
What's the problem with legacy apps? The way I see it is more like: people who buy an iPad can only ever extract tablet functionality out of it whereas people who buy a Surface Pro can extract both tablet and desktop functionality out of it, not to mention that it runs Windows, so they can even use it for some of the stuff they use their desktops for, probably not optimally, but at least the potential is there, while on the iPad it simply isn't, and the MacBook Air is not...
Tablets cover that niche perfectly. With a tablet you don't need a laptop on your lap.
I find it amusing that you keep comparing the Surface Pro to cheap netbooks when its 128GB model has better specs than the 64GB 11" MacBook Air, despite costing exactly the same. I'd also like to see one of those $500 netbooks with 256GB SSDs that you speak of.The niche for the Surface Pro is that of a portable PC that you can take anywhere and plug to anything, with a built-in screen and capacitive multitouch interface that works both with your fingers and a stylus when...
You'd be surprised to learn that I'm only using 57GB total on this MacBook Pro, because as a software engineer, I really don't need much more. My home directory alone is currently sitting at 20GB, and that's with iTunes media cluttering it.Even a 3" screen can be a decent display, since I'm talking about display quality, not purpose. If the 10" screen is too small for you, you can always plug it to a desktop monitor and your problem is solved. My use case for a tablet...
An SSD? A decent display? A capacitive touchscreen?Plug it into PC peripherals; problem solved. It's a portable PC that you can take anywhere and plug into anything, or just use its screen when nothing else is available. That is, at least, how I regard the Windows 8 tablets, and that's why I would definitely buy a decent Windows 8 gaming tablet to use as a portable Steam Box merging the best of PC gaming with the best of console gaming.
I actually wanted this product to succeed, but Microsoft doesn't cease to disappoint. Their vision of a unified OS is quickly turning out to be a huge mistake. I'm still hoping for a Windows gaming tablet with decent specs to use as a Steam Box, though. Razer is launching one, but there are certain things that I don't like about it; perhaps either Logitech or Valve could save the day. A Windows gaming tablet that could be hooked to any TV and have any PC peripherals...
I guess that if the stats were broken down by device class (phone, tablet, music player), iOS would be at a disadvantage, since the majority of iOS' web access access is done on the iPad, which very few people use extensively through cellular networks. I actually like to see the stats broken down this way.
The iPhone 3GS would be sufficiently old yet sufficiently capable to accomplish that at this point, if they just stuck a front-facing camera in there to allow FaceTime to be used.
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