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As a self proclaimed critical thinker, you should have already figured that the burden of proof lies on Apple's shoulders, not the customer's, because the customer has no way to determine that the product wasn't damaged due to lack of conformity at the time of purchase without disassembling it (thus potentially voiding the warranty).
And what exactly are you attempting to establish with this ad hominem fallacy, oh wannabe critical thinker?Strange that a critical thinker such as you has to resort to straw man fallacies in order to try to win a debate...Uh... You may wish to look in the mirror before accusing me of being gullible...
I think YOU don't know what you're talking about. For reference, you are talking about Directive 99/44/EC, which I can pretty much tell that you haven't read, but don't worry.Do you have evidence of this? If not, then why are you posting it?Citation?Same with Directive 99/44/EC. The only requirement is that you report the problem no more than 2 months after detecting it, but I shouldn't be spoiling your humiliation by pointing out facts...Exactly. that's what I'm...
What is a "representative sample"? And why doesn't it qualify as statistics? Do you even know what statistics is?But there are no examples of Google Maps being fundamentally flawed, like my previous example with the search, or the map being out of sync with the searchable data.This is a lie. Yes, all phones lose signal if you cover them completely, but they don't lose 75% of signal strength when you're holding them in a perfectly normal position. While I understand...
That's fine, I'll bookmark this thread then and take your reply as an admission of failure. The reason why I did not provide you with evidence is because you refused to make your definition of evidence clear in order to keep your freedom to move the goal posts every time you're about to lose the argument. That might work against morons, but it fails terribly with me.I've been dealing with fail Internet trolls like you since 1995, that tactic is old and flawed.
Does that mean you wish to join the bet? The more, the merrier! I'll have the pleasure to take your money AND make you all look like idiots!
How much do you want to bet?That's really easy to explain, but I don't want to spoil the bet, so please by all means assume I'm lying and put your money where your mouth is.
Alright then, point me 7 posts where you asked for it before.Define representative. I've mentioned, for example, that the search sucks so much it can't even tell that 'a' and 'รข' are the same letter. Why does this not qualify as evidence? You can test this yourself!Why do I need to do any of that? Why are my verifiable claims not proof?What qualifies statistic evidence as representative?You're just not perfectly willing to define clearly what constitutes proof and why...
Where does this duplication of functionality nonsense come from? There are plenty of mapping apps in the app store, why would Google's be rejected?
You are correct in pointing out that modifying a website is hardly news; you are, however, missing the entire point behind that modification in particular, which is the newsworthy detail.
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