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Sometimes I feel like I can predict Apple's patents.
Right after you explain what the privacy problem with in-app branding is. Seems to be something minimal that for some reason Apple rejected, essentially demonstrating that they weren't up to negotiate anything.
Except that was one of several suggestions, not exactly a demand. Apple, in the other hand, didn't make any suggestions of their own, they just denied everything Google suggested, in essence only accepting it if Google provided the service for free. That's not standing for your users' privacy or experience or anything at all, that's a purely political decision not made with users in mind. Google also suggested adding in-app branding. which apple refused, and strangely...
Never seen this on the 4S, then again I don't point cameras directly at the sun, and I agree that this sounds like lens flare, with the violet resulting from the anti-reflective coating that's usually put on lenses to prevent even more glare. The only strange part to me is that if this was actually violet, the iPhone would see a blue haze since it can't see violet (at least the 4S can't).
Because, as stated in the article, Apple did not offer terms of their own, they just passive-aggressively refused everything Google suggested. Essentially, Apple wanted the feature without giving anything in return.
I don't see why you'd be required to block any parts of the windshield in order to do that; also, velcro is extremely resistant to coplanar forces.In the original article that you obviously did not read, so here's the quote below:Don't call me a hater just because I do not adhere to your gullible fanboyism.
There actually is a solution for this: buy velcro stickers and an iPad case; glue the stickers to your dashboard and case, and drop the iPad case on them. When you park, just remove the iPad and store it in the glovebox. You can use the lighter adapter to power the iPad, so it can stay always on displaying Google Maps, and you don't need to tap a button on the screen since you can center the screen in your current position and follow the blue line (or find your way back...
So, essentially, Apple wasn't willing to negotiate anything, which proves me right, this was done for political reasons alone, not concern for the customers.
No, you're providing me with baseless speculation, because there is nowhere I can go to validate your logic.That's impossible, there was no iOS developer program in 2007...Source? Because paying for code-signing digital certificates is nothing new, and they don't involve access to third-party data, either. This includes the Mac Developer Program, which doesn't have Google Maps.Oops, there goes your logic down the drain... Try harder...You pay for the ability to process...
I also recall explaining that iPhones were the only thing I had available for testing at the time; why did you ignore that?It doesn't make sense to you because you're confusing cause and effect, which a fallacy.Explained before: Both iOS 5.1.1 and 6 have pretty bad security holes that won't get fixed in 5.1.1, so eventually I will be forced to upgrade.Explained before: What's better for others is not necessarily better for me. I'm not gullible, I make decisions based on...
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