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Of all the ridiculous reality-stretching slippery slope fallacies I've ever read on this site, I think this one takes the cake. It's hilarious how you jump to the conclusion that a plastic iPhone would actually crack or scratch easily when plastic phones have dominated the market for years without such things happening.Yes, because the iPad Mini, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Nano never happened, right? Furthermore, cheap phones don't exist to impress you, they exist...
I'm glad to see this. Not all carriers subsidize the iPhone the same way the US carriers do, and post-paid services are not a norm everywhere in the world. In places where carriers don't subsidize the iPhone and people are unlikely to subscribe to post-paid plans, the iPhone (and all high-end phones in general) has a lot of trouble penetrating, which in my particular case means almost nobody around me has an iPhone, so services such as iMessage, FaceTime, etc. are...
A release was promised for when iOS 6.1 GM was released, to prevent the security hole from getting fixed. Since iOS 6.1 is now public, they can now release the jailbreak. Do you have any evidence to support your claim that this information is inaccurate?This is not to mention the fact that iOS 6 was promptly owned at pwn2own through a remotely exploitable security hole.
This means that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 will finally be released. I'm happy, my iPad will be jailborked again, meaning I'll be able to capture mirrored analog video from it once more.
I think this makes sense on the iPad, where space is never enough to store movies (my 64Gb iPad does not have enough space for everything I want to store in it), but a 16Gb iPhone covers all my needs.
I had an HP f2105 bought in 2006 that was much superior to anything else I've seen ever since. It was a VA panel, very fast in games and the color accuracy and contrast were also top notch. Beyond that, most VA TVs surpass the Apple displays in color accuracy, although the resolution is not as high, my main concern when buying an LCD is color accuracy, contrast, latency (gray to gray in old models or black to white / white to black in new, overdriven models)Games. ...
Not sure about the current generation, but unlike most people, I found the previous generation of displays to be of low quality considering what i was used to. Of particular note were the white leaks in the corners and the fact that the display's view angle wasn't even symmetrical to the horizontal plane. Another issue that I have with all Apple displays are their low color temperatures which make whites and grays look yellowish / brownish.
While you are right in stating that I have no clue of what Jobs would have done, that's not what I said either, so you aren't refuting me. Notice my use of expressions such as "most likely"? They don't mean certainty, but my post serves the purpose of refuting the post that I was replying to. Jobs failing now and then does not disprove the notion that he was right most of the time.
The logic does not apply because you are ignoring cause and effect. Had Jobs been there, he would have most likely not green lit the production of the new iMac, or many other things that are currently causing problems due to not being ready. Even though he set those things in motion, the responsibility of bringing them into production wasn't his. Furthermore, Apple has been losing value since September, and before then wasn't progressing much since April, either, two...
If there's such a huge pool of evidence like you claim, then there's no reason for failing to quote a sample...That post doesn't even address decreased demand.See above.Citation needed.The point of the sarcasm is to troll through a straw man fallacy.
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