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What makes you think I made a decision at all? I'm still running iOS 5.1.1 everywhere! That, however, doesn't mean I shouldn't complain, because iOS 5.1.1 is no longer supported and there are known serious security holes in it (as well as in iOS 6) that will never be fixed. As a customer, that's all I care about. I don't give a flying shit about Apple's inner or outer struggles with the world; they have the money, they could have dealt with it in a way that didn't...
It's The One Stinking Application that makes me use smartphones. Without it, the entire smartphone is useless to me. It took me years before I began trusting Google Maps, I'm not going to trust anything else any sooner, especially something that can't even find my street that's perfectly charted on the map.I started using GPSes when maps were considered luxury. In the beginning I only relied on coordinates to get where I wanted, so I'd visit a place once, save its...
I counter this with the fact that Google has made every other feature available on iOS for free, so the burden of proof is back at you. Show me strong evidence that Google refused or would refuse to agree with Apple if Apple actually paid them.They already benefit from that in iOS.Baseless speculation.Because there is no reason to believe he's lying. You're speculating on possibilities; I could speculate about all the reasons why Apple doesn't want to go with Google for...
Does that mean you'll pay me 900€ for an iPhone 4S, another 800€ for an iPad 3G, and whoever knows how much I've spent in accessories so far? Because Apple certainly won't!
Google is a company, like any other company they're after money, and unlike Apple they aren't known for being platform-specific, so the burden of proof lies on your side because there is no logical reason to believe that Google wouldn't be open to such a deal. This is not to mention that Schmidt himself said he was willing to continue the partnership, which is infinitely more evidence than you have.
I'm not really claiming anything, I'm stating my dissatisfaction as a customer. Furthermore, your second option represents an extremely broad set of options.
There are apps for that (and Maps on Android aren't vectorial either). As a matter of fact, as far as the current implementation is concerned, the vectorial maps are a hindrance, not an aid. They're taking longer to load and they're much slower to render. Finally, Apple could easily have struck a deal with Google to offer turn by turn navigation; there is absolutely no evidence to support the belief that this wasn't a possibility.
As an official whiner, I'm here to prove you wrong. I don't care whether Apple releases their own solution so long as the old one is kept around. See? That's a third possibility! You're officially wrong!
Developers have access to the betas, we don't need this crap on our main devices to develop for it.
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