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Just because you never figured out how to use Street View it doesn't mean it wasn't available. Here's Street View on iOS 5.1.1's Maps (click to enlarge a bit):
Not best solution on the planet, but certainly better than what iOS replaced it with. I've never had issues regardless of reception unless I'm using satellite / hybrid view, and as far as my experience is concerned, Apple's maps are actually slower to pull than Google's (not to mention that the app itself is much heavier, running at 10-30fps on the iPad 3G and wasting a lot more battery as a result). As a core maps solution, Google Maps was much better than Apple Maps,...
Many things can justify purchasing an iPhone 5, like not having an iPhone yet, the iPhone 5 being a huge upgrade, the huge library of apps in the App Store, and in some cases it's just a status symbol. That, however, doesn't mean Maps doesn't suck or that there isn't one less reason to upgrade than before. Bottom line it's up to everyone to decide whether the benefits outweight the drawbacks, and the more retarded Apple goes without regard for end-user convenience, the...
The article may say it, but their quoted source does not. The article jumps into the conclusion that the generated mops revenue comes directly from Apple rather than from advertising to Apple's customers.
That's not to vendors, that's to developers using their maps API in their own sites. At most that would affect Google Maps on iCloud (which Apple is still using), not Google Maps on iOS, which users are accessing directly from their devices rather than being redirected from a site.
Why do people automatically assume Apple pays or paid anything to Google in order to use their maps? The service is free on the web, anybody can use it! If you want to believe that Apple customers are somehow an exception and Apple has to pay for our Google Maps use, then please cite some hard evidence, because otherwise that belief is pure nonsense.
And obviously you had to link to a retarded article from someone who doesn't even understand what they read.Does not mean:I do not have sources of my own, nor was I the one who made the original claim, but this is pure speculation, too. People shouldn't talk about what they don't know.
[/quote]Pretty sure I'm not talking about apps.Pretty sure I mentioned the iPhone 4S specifically, and you even quoted it. You're a terrible troll, but I'll feed you until you go back under your bridge, because annoying trolls is entertaining to me.There are plenty of them all over the Internet. Take this one for an example. Same thing happens where I live, a search for my own street returns nothing despite the fact that it is correctly charted on the map and dropping a...
I'm beginning to question the cognitive abilities of the people in this forum. Do you really think I alone would be able to pull 25k views of Google Maps in a single day? Don't you understand that those restrictions are in place to prevent developers from using Google Maps to serve several people at the same time without giving anything in return?
My phone is almost a year old, it was a pre-ordered iPhone 4S and is still running iOS 5.1.1 because I saw what was to come during the iOS beta, so I'm not affected. For now it works for me; once it goes below of my acceptance threshold I will re-evaluate my options.
New Posts  All Forums: