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Except they did the same for the 4S, too, and you've actually lost features this time around (CDMA and GSM phones are different models again). The main camera has not been changed, either; the exterior redesign was unnecessary; the new dock connector was unnecessary, headphones are more of an iPod feature than an iPhone feature (and I like them).
Really not worth an upgrade, even the iPhone 4S which was supposed to be a minor upgrade had more wow effect than this. Improved front camera, corrected antenna gate issues, "world phone", Siri (with hardware to support it), digital AV output, and a significant CPU/GPU upgrade without breaking compatibility with absolutely anything designed for the iPhone 4. This offers a CPUGPU upgrade, a bigger screen, and LTE in exchange for going back to requiring separate models...
Expecting anything other than you dodging the issue in order to save face would be too much.
Actually, the iPhone 4 was the incorrectly named unit, as it is internally an iPhone3,1/3,2 (GSM/CDMA), with the 3GS being an iPhone2,1 and the 3G an iPhone1,2. The iPhone 4S brought the name back in-line with the internal version.
Usually such transactional systems base the authenticity of the transaction on cryptography, with each transaction generating a completely different output according to a random seed (also known as a key, because symmetric ciphers are really just big random number generators) only known by the client and host applications, so copying a transaction request is worthless as you can neither read the content (thus rendering you unable to manipulate it) nor re-use it.
I'd actually prefer if the 3GS continued to be sold, cheaper, because it's too expensive at its current price, but if it was a $100 phone I would definitely buy one to use in situations where getting mugged is a real concern.
It's not my fault that you completely forget the context of the arguments you get yourself into. Read post #72 if you want to re-learn the reason why we ended up having this debate and you'll find out why you've never had a chance to win the argument. One of the very first things I stated in this thread was that the loss of the component / composite connectivity was a drawback, but you somehow thought that point was worth arguing...
Apple disagrees with you. Mind to provide evidence of the software issue you're talking about?
I don't think he's coming back to admit to his bias for suggesting a $1k product as a solution for the loss of component video while failing to acknowledge that as a huge drawback and denying that the iPhone 4 had antenna issues despite overwhelming evidence of such issues.
I don't think you understand burden of proof. The burden of actually buying the phone and demonstrating that to the audience is yours, not mine. Want my PO Box address to mail a GSM iPhone 4 to?The change doesn't have to be in the phone, that was an illogical assumption on your behalf. Adding a case changes the conditions in which the phone operates thus working around the problem. Furthermore, analogies are fallacious in natured due to inferring from the particular to...
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