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Actually it did involve sound filtering hardware.Apple disagrees with you; they offered a full refund to anyone affected by the problem, and the iPhone 4S has a different double-antenna design (with the secondary antenna extending downwards) specifically to address the "you're holding it wrong" problem.I'm not denying that, merely stating that, at this point, I don't see how the benefits outweight the drawbacks.Here on earth, I can't read anything off the phone in plain...
The 4S brought Siri, fixed the antenna gate problems, improved the main camera, CPU and GPU, and added support for the digital AV adapter, all without breaking compatibility with anything purchased for the iPhone 4, and the same goes to the third-generation iPad.Thing is, at this point I'm not feeling the need for even more performance on the phone, though improved battery life would be appreciated; there is nothing exciting about iOS 6 nor is there anything exclusive that...
I'm so not excited by the next iPhone. There better be something technically interesting about it other than the taller screen, LTE, and new cameras or I won't be replacing my 4S. I'm really not looking forward to having all my cables and accessories rendered useless by the new dock, plus I'm concerned about the component video and analog audio output being ditched in the new connector.
As a grammar nazi, you should be well aware of the difference between "its" and "it's".He doesn't need to, the burden of proof lies on the one making charges. Things don't exist until proven otherwise. daMoog is stating something as fact without providing any evidence to support it, there is no reason for anyone else to accept his conclusion because as far as we can tell, at this moment it relies on a baseless belief.
7:34 hours at 99% battery at 12/16 brightness level. I'm running Safari, Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, Messages, Notes, iTunes, Mac App Store, Pages, Amadeus (third-party audio app), Xcode, Terminal, and Preview (with the C++11 standard PDF in it) on a late-2011 high-end 15" MacBook Pro. Never had the battery issues myself, suspect they may have something to do with third-party apps.
Never had the battery issue myself, so I've always assumed it had something to do with third-party software. That said I did have issues with Reminders crashing consistently on street addresses with non-ASCII characters (silently fixed) and rendering on safari (unknown -- this takes a while to happen after Safari is restarted and I haven't figured out what causes it yet).
In 2012 I still don't need a car. For very light and sporadic use it's much cheaper to rent them.
Mountain Lion issues for me: 1 - Safari's rendering is buggy as hell -- I can fix it by quitting (Command+Q) and restarting it, but after a while the rendering problems return (this only happens in Safari, and started to happen immediately after the upgrade); 2 - Reminders crashes all the time with street addresses that have non-ASCII characters in them, every time I try to edit a reminder with such a street address it crashes consistently, making it impossible for me to...
I understand technology and don't need 4G, either. Nothing on my phone or tablet requires anything beyond 3G, I'd much rather networks spent their money improving their 3G network and eliminating the metered data plans. For fast Internet access I have my 300mbps wired connection at home..
Of all the patents, the only one that seems remotely valid is '580, as the others are either way too obvious or way too ambiguous. That said, I hope all of these companies take their patent litigation to the very end and get each other's devices banned. It is also interesting to see Google ask for so many devices to be banned based on a few patents while at the same time trying to argue that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus shouldn't be banned precisely on the same grounds.
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