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Ridiculous would be to release a buggy patch. Apple's QA has been terrible lately, I'm glad to see something being done about it.
Apple's main mistake was to cave in for investors' requests for dividends. The moment a company does that, they burst the speculation bubble. Microsoft did the same and it went bad for them; Apple should have learned that lesson. Jobs understood it; Cook doesn't. The void created by Jobs' death is now beginning to be fully realized.
I am replying with dictation but I don't think I can get used to this. It gets things wrong sometimes. Maybe it's just not used my voice.
Yes, I make all my calls through Siri, set up reminders, appointments, and alarms with it (it is especially useful for location reminders such as "Remind me about umbrella when I leave."), get it to tell me the time and weather forecast in plain sunlight (raise to speak), write notes, and control iTunes when I want to search for a particular artist, album, or song.
While the Surface itself does not excite me due to its hardware, I am excited about potential gaming platforms that could be used as "Steam Boxes", such as the one Razer has announced. Either play portably using the built-in display or plug it to a TV and plug in peripherals (i.e.: controllers). Such devices would merge the benefits of PC games as well as both living room and handheld consoles into a single device, which I find appealing.
The iPad 2 was not renamed or repackaged, it's still on sale as it was originally. The iPad mini is a completely different product.
This is blatant trolling with quotes out of context.
Demand also "outstrips" supply in the face of production problems, which makes your conclusion a non-sequitor, and thus, wrong. To ask for people to prove you wrong is an appeal to ignorance fallacy.
Nope, there's more than evidence, on this website and everywhere else, that people only look at the price they have to pay upfront. We are talking about people's psyche here, not money. The carrier subsides effectively hide the actual cost of the phone, thus refuting your argument about people not caring about the price increase.Case in point, some time ago I complained about the price of an iPhone 3GS and was immediately greeted with "What? Isn't $0 cheap enough?".
Your entire argument falls to the ground in the light of carrier subsides.
New Posts  All Forums: