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Nope, that's a straw man fallacy. You are projecting someone else's position and attacking your projection in an attempt to subvert a potential debate that hasn't even started yet.Back to the subject, I'd buy a 4.8" iPhone, especially if it had a lower DPI than the current iPhones, as I find the current iPhones to be lacking in usability (the screen is too small for more than 2 fingers, and text sometimes is too small as well). The current iPhones work well for simple...
Yes, Safari 5 was fine, it's only Safari 6 that's broken (which to me coincided with the release of Mountain Lion, but Lion users are experiencing the same issues).1 - Memory leaks: If I disable JavaScript Blocker, the browser will eventually start to grow uncontrollably by never wiping the Garbage Collector buffers even after full resets (a restart is required). This does not happen immediately, something triggers it, there may be memory corruption going on, and I...
Let us hope that they finally address Safari's memory leaks, graphical glitches, and lack of privacy in private browsing. This browser is borderline unusable at the moment, I've already gone as to far as to limit its real memory usage to 512MB to prevent it from causing everything else in the system to swap.
This forum remains the same cesspit of misinformation and bigotry as ever.Nope, any of the parties involved in the sale are equally responsible for honoring the warranty. This is not to mention that Apple is actually a seller here, with fully blown brick ad mortar stores, stores in stores, and online stores. If your products are sold in the EU, you are responsible for respecting EU laws.Nope, the complaints are about Apple breaking the law, which states that they must...
Yes, they did, in the corner. Some of the developer rules even used to forbid covering such branding.
The iPad mini is the cheap low-end into Apple's ecosystem; it was expected to fare well for that reason all along. Most people are cheap, they buy Apple mainly for the status, as evidenced by the number of Wi-Fi-only 16GB 9.7" iPads out there. The may be anecdotal evidence, but only other person I know who has a 64Gb iPad with cellular connectivity besides me is my cousin, and that's because his iPad 2 was mine and I sold it to him at half-price when the iPad 3 came...
Can you prove this? If not, why are you posting it?
You are not the consumer to Google; the advertisers are their clients, so, again, not comparable.And that's the point I refuted.Only as a hardware seller. You can't claim that iAd and the Advertiser ID, for example, have your interests in mind.
If you forget the fact that the only ones being damaged in this case are Apple, as they gain absolutely nothing with the current strategy. Had they chosen a completely different path, such as to cooperate with Google and integrate their entire range of services into iOS rather than creating MobileMe / iCloud / Apple Maps, everyone would be winning. This way, Apple is the only losing party because they are investing in services that they never needed to.
Perhaps because Apple developed the app using Google Maps as the back-end?
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