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I'm still waiting for you to answer my previous reply to you, where I refuted everythyng you said.This is a lie. If you think otherwise, prove me wrong with a quote.It is clear to me, at this point, that both of you are ignoring my posts simply because you can not refute them, which is why you are replying to each other rather than me.
Dude, you're denying reality now! I lack arguments? How can you make such a claim? What is it that I did not successfully refute for you to claim that I lack arguments? I'm asking questions; why aren't you answering them?Using your own words against you: Why are you dodging my questions? You claim that I lost the argument, I lost where and and you gave no answer, thus not satisfying your burden of proof. How come, then, do you claim that I am the one without...
Yes, of course, but if you bring a half-assed product to the market to replace a competitor's offer in your platform, your product better be better than the competition or you must be prepared for the complaints. This is what the Apple fanboys don't get; people complain about Apple Maps because Apple replaced the existing Google Maps app with it, therefore Apple is fully deserving of all the bad press they've been receiving.
I was? Where and when? Are you done with me due to lack of arguments? Because you've posted a lie! You were the one who was found to be foolishly posting without even understanding the context of the thread, remember? That makes the content of all your posts a huge straw man fallacy, because you were projecting me in a position that I never took all along and attacking that position, and you did that out of pure stupidity, nothing else, becausr you could have easily...
Nope, I did not make any quality claims in this thread. Feel free to prove me wrong with a quote, though.You refuse to explain why that's relevant.I claim that I haven't.I didn't lose an argument; you failed to explain why providing the evidence you request is relevant.Everything? You may refer back to the third page in the thread where people were questioning the reason for the double standard, which is what I replied to. If you joined the debate without knowing what...
Nope, we're dropping the entire article because it doesn't prove anything you're claiming and it doesn't stand for your definition of objectivity (the one you haven't provided), and especially since you have already accepted that it may be subjective.Irrelevant to the argument. There is reason to expect Apple Maps to have the same features as Google Maps, but no reason to expect the same the other way around.
And I demonstrated to be open to that possibility. If you don't think I refuted everything, please bring it up for further discussion and clarification.
OK, then not only can you not clearly position the goal posts, but you are also denying things that you accepted earlier, which are out there in the thread for anyone who wishes to read, so I don't need you to recognize it.Now just to finish this up: providing a comparison is not required for my argument, because I was arguing against the notion that the double standard was irrational and my reasoning has both been explained and proven without needing a comparison of map...
Do you recall me asking for your definition of objectivism? You claim that the article is objective, yet you agree that certain points are debatable, which defeats the point of using that article as your definition of objectivism. I'm even allowing you to play your game that way because debating in uncomfortable situations appeals me; otherwise I would have told you immediately that you never posted your definition of objectivism for scrutiny.
When I mentioned that it lacks a feature similar to Google Street View.Why would that be required to validate my argument? Simply demonstrating that Apple Maps lacks services that Google Maps provides is enough to make it an unsuitable replacement. If a feature goes missing, that's a downgrade.
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