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nowadays, cut throat competition from Samsung is what really drives Apple's forward thinking
64-bit on a phone is quite impressive... the first of its kind... gotta have the memory to make the leap worthwhile.
Apple should have cooperated with China Mobile years ago... Huawei, Lennovo, Samsung, Xiaomi have reaped hundreds of millions of subscriptions in Apple's long absence.
Apple needs to ramp up innovation as barriers of entry for smartphones/tablets have been breached... the tipping point has begun.
millions of copycats in China, very few are held accountable for their IP crimes, especially the age of PP2s...   protectionism gone wrong in a judiciary system based on under the table incentives...   
China Mobile is the most popular and best carrier in China by far... China Unicom is a light year distant second...   and yet, Apple has yet to fully cooperate with them.
i'd rather be a bad somebody with minis, than a good nobody with nexuses. 
Shenzhen was one of the first fishing villages in China to be reformed in 1978... China is just getting warmed up.... and American politicians are slamming the red dragon for growing only at a measly 7% while the world is collapsing before our eyes... it is ludicrous to expect China's economy to grow dramatically when their global customers are suffering. Shenzhen in 1978: Shenzhen today:
anyone who has ever been to Beijing's Wangfujing know the sheer number of visitors passing by that particular landmark building... talk about location and astronomical rent. but the number of Chinese visitors hanging out at Apple stores have dropped substantially this past year... the change is quite noticeable... many trendy teens and young adults already carry iPhones, or similar smartphones... plus, the largest state-owned carriers in the country, China Mobile and...
If the top three carriers China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom all offer iPhone5... brace for a round of sales records.... living in China for many years, apple fever is high behind the great wall.
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