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I would like to see the iMac match the thunderbolt display.  I am looking at getting an iMac with 2 Thunderbolt displays attached to it for my business and having the iMac with that chin, and the TB Displays w/o it just doesn't look right.     I am ready to buy, just waiting on Apple, as I am sure a lot of people are. 
I want my new iMac!!!!!!
dang... well maybe its my connection... everything else is working fine though... oh well.. so much for wishful thinking...
My Apple Store App is down is it possible the refresh is coming?  Do they refresh the App first or what?  
well... thats kinda what a lot of people are waiting on right...?   waiting to see if there is something "truly significant" ...  I agree about small spec bumps.. but such is the problem with Apple, you don't really know.. but with the last upgrade being a year ago, and a new desktop OS release, and signs pointing to a newer, up to date configuration then why not go with the newer one.. 
I would be worried about losing any warranty I may have and messing it up.  I am not to savvy when it comes to installing my own hardware(internally, i know how to plug into the ports and what not lol)   I would not want to mess up my AppleCare
junkyard dawg, i guess i should have stated i was talking about differences in fully spec'd iMacs now to the one we saw in the leaked geekbench test.  I wont buy a computer that is not fully spec'd, just seems like a waste of money 
Well usually when Apple references upgrades in its software they say things like "the worlds most advanced operating system gets even better".  I believe they software could be great on its own with current Macs... and it probably will run great.  The absolute need to upgrade the hardware is not there.  Its everyone that wants to stay on the forefront of technology that is pushing the hardware.  Its the want of the consumer not the absolute need, as is the case for the...
I for one am kind of excited.  It will be my first Apple Desktop.  The Mac Pro is to much for me, and as I've stated elsewhere I need kind of an, "HQ" if you will for all of my data.  So a fully spec'd iMac, coupled with a 3TB Time Capsule(for back up and local storage).   So... The reason why I care is because even if it is just a spec bump it will be good for me seeing as how I do not already have an iMac.     Also, Apple's website has altered its catch phrase for...
So what you are saying is that if it release around Mountain Lion you  do NOT believe it will be a redesigned iMac, as opposed to holding off a few more months? 
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