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But will people be able to watch network programming 24/7 live? Including the NFL? Without live sports, especially the NFL, I don't think any web TV service will be successful.
Hello Apple fans, just to let you guys know, in Samsung's home country South Korea, Apple is already a bankrupt company. That's how most of the Korean media portray Apple day in and day out. They love to diss Apple any way they can. I guess this is because Samsung is practically the whole country of South Korea, the entire economy is dependent upon Samsung which is responsible for 28% of the nation's exports. it's pretty pathetic the entire nation depends on just ONE...
I am happy for MS. Since MS keeps bashing Google, I hope their business goes well.
Things are getting more complex as Samsung is trying to distance itself from Google. Samsung just cannot stand watching Apple taking in huge profits even though Apple is way behind smartphone market share. News are coming out of Korea about Samsung installing their own version of iTunes on Galaxy S4 which will be revealed next month.(it might even be called 'GalTunes'...funny. Their new e-books store interface is 100% copy of iBooks by the way.) It's obvious Samsung is...
If you read the Korean online and offline news articles, it looks as if Apple will go out of business any day. It's sad that most of the Korean media is brainwashed by Samsung(which happens to be the biggest advertiser). Literally 9 out 10 news outlets write negative stories about Apple on a daily basis. Just to remind you, Apple's net income last quarter was 13.1 billion, Samsung's was 6.6 billion. Company that pulls in over 10 billion in a quarter will go...
Hey, let's make it clear. $8.3 billion = Samsung Electronics operating profit. their net income is $6.6 billion. Apple net income for the holiday quarter is $13.1 billion. Apple still kicks Sammy's butt. Samsung Electronics makes all kinds of stuff, smartphones, old style phones, TVs, washing machines, notebooks, tablets, MP3s, chips, refrigerators, etc, etc.
Like my fellow apple supporters here, I am so sick of hearing Android is dominating market share. I don't give a rat's ass about Android is all over the place. After all, Apple takes like 70% of the smartphone industry profits. That is called smart business. I wonder if Google will ever consider selling Android OS to vendors just like MS does with Windows. Selling OS might bring in a lot more cash than mobile ads. If Google charges for Android, companies like Samsung,...
Tallest Skill, I meant to say the ITC acted politically to squash the growing concern about American protectionism in favor of its companies. Apple winning the overwhelmingly favorable jury verdict in California and recent ITC preliminary decisions inn support of Apple did trigger criticism from the antis.
This is just a political gesture. The probability that Apple products will be banned in the USA is 0. We all know that. If American government kills the #1 American company just to make Samsung the dominant force in the global tech industry, there will be revolt. ITC is under fire because there is growing criticism about American protectionism in some parts of the world.
If Apple makes the UI and the shape of app icons look flat and generic, Apple will lose big chunk of fanbase, including myself. Don't even think of getting rid of bookshelf in the iBooks app and paper shredder in the Passbook app, if you do, I am switching to Win 8. I promise.
New Posts  All Forums: