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Who gives a rat's ass about maps on a smartphone? People use 3D flyover as well as maps out of curiosity, no practical uses for them. Navigation is necessary, though. I use my old and reliable portable Garmin device most of the time, and sometimes use Waze. By the way I own 5 Apple devices and am really happy with all of them.
Job well done Apple! I own Apple shares, too. I am happy. I hope Apple gets to $1000 this year. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah
I can see Korean Samsung fanboys coming onto this site to bash apple, as I can tell by their screen names.
This apple-Samsung thing is shaping up to be a problem between USA and south Korea. There is already talk of Apple making this an issue in regards to USA-south Korea FTA. If this is the case korea and Samsung will both throw in the towel. No country in the world is gonna mess with USA.
Apple scooped up 318 LTE patents to prepare for Samsuck LTE lawsuit. If Samsuck sues, Apple will countersue. Apple owns patent troll Rockstarbidco and this troll has begun assaulting Samsuck already.
Consumers want to know WHEN the new products will be available and HOW MUCH they will cost. Nokia, you screwed up again. Prepare to go under. Your stock is down 10%. LOL  
Can anyone tell me why Nokia didn't disclose the date of availability and price of their new phones at the event today? Nokia management is sooooooooo idiotic. No wonder their products don't sell. What a complete joke!
Let's get rid of law breaking Korean companies once and for all. Virginia court screwed another Korean company, Kolon, the other day for doing illegal things in America. Please get rid of Samsung, after all USA=United States of Apple.
Samsung is just a component manufacturing company. If Google and MS refuse to give OS to Samsung, they will not be able to sell a single phone in the market. THat would be really funny. Koreans just know how to assemble parts. They will not be able to make a decent OS in the next 50 years.  
I don't see what's so convenient about using your phone like a credit or debit card. I just don't get it. I'd rather keep using plastic. I'm sure many others feel the same.
New Posts  All Forums: