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Banning these 8 products is meaningless, as Fortune noted. They are either obsolete or not the best selling phones. I guess Apple's real win comes from stamping the 'Copycat' image on Samsung's forehead. Apple should find a way to ban Samsung's popular products, like Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note.
Tim Cook is the greatest CEO on earth. Mr. Cook, I need to ask you for a favor, though. Can you please tell Steve Ballmer to stop laughing so loud? I need some sleep. 😡
Hey fellow Apple fans, it is Samsuck. You are not going to believe how many Koreans in Korea are celebrating Apple victory today. And the Japanese are loving it, too. And I can hear Steve Ballmer laughing so loud that I just woke up and typed this....on an iPad, of course.
APPLE WINS!!!! Apple stock is rising after hours. I am looking for BEER!!!
Hey Samsung Chairman Mr. Lee, are you looking at this news? I bet you will not be able to sleep for a few days. American jury will deliver Samsung another big blow come this Friday. Get ready to spit out huge chunk of cash! Apple will become fatter and fatter....they'll gonna have hard time digesting all that cash. I'm in the middle of persuading my wife to get iPhone 5...because that's the only way I can get my hands on it. Wish me luck fellow Apple maniacs!
I cannot believe one out of ten people actually buy Samsung crap? I guess this is because Amazon doesn't sell Kindle Fire outside of U.S.
Samsung, a company full of lies and corruption. What can we expect? By the way, did you all see the Samsung copycat video on Conan O'Brien Show? It's really funny. 
Hey, Korean media will be very, very sad to hear this news. They have been really busy kissing Samsung's ass the whole year. They are going to have hard time swallowing this. I can't wait to see how they are going to report after Samsung loses the trial in California. :)
What can we expect from Samsung? This is a company known for various corruption and bribery scandals in Korea. Even it's owner and chairman made a public apology few years ago. Even a lot of Koreans(those who are not economically well to do) are hoping Apple screws Samsung big time. Those people will get what they want. This is America, Justice will prevail.
Apple is going to win hands down in the US. The trial jury are no tech geeks, just ordinary people and they are not going to side with a foreign company period. I personally believe Samsung copied Apple's product designs in the first place and they should be punished for that. Samsung will be paying Apple some money once it's all over. Product sales ban is unlikely. 
New Posts  All Forums: