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Elf Defense http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elf-defense-eng/id489783365?mt=8   This game is probably geared more towards a younger audience, but it’s definitely a pretty fun tower defense game. Especially if you have children and would like to allow them to play a tower defense game that isn’t horribly graphic and will warp their minds. I would say Elf Defense would be the perfect game for them to play.   Lich...
Hence the idea that it was doctored to lead people to think what they want them to think. Only by seeing all sides of a story, and argument or a product can you really make an accurate judgement, which is what normal consumers do. They don't look at one picture and say, "here's my money, let me have whatever that is cause it looks cool in this angle."
my comment stands. ^_^'   even the wifi is kinda slow in some areas of the world. :(
I did read. It was about the real count of the product.. and the real number sequence and all that. I also am an advocate of the idea that it won't even have a number and just call it the new iPhone. but to purely bash it down that it is senseless to think that Apple won't slap a 5 there is an exaggeration in my opinion. I would go with "highly unlikely" rather than "completely impossible". Apple is unpredictable that way. ;)
The laughter is comment enough isn't it? It can get misunderstood that the apple employee thinks of it as a joke product. (hence the laugh) but.... im stopping here. Don't wanna argue with you dude. :)
That is why there is an off and on switch. It won't kick in, but rather it has to be activated.  It goes for everything data related (from what I understand.) then if you don't really need it, you can turn it off so your device won't accidentally use your precious payper use data. ;)   Cool feature. I agree this would be awesome on unlimited plans... but if you have unlimited, why would you ever need wifi?
It is an actual product. It just hasn't taken off yet. Have a little faith. Everything starts somewhere. Who knows? This might just be another blockbuster feature.. If it proves to be a flop, then we can laugh at it later
Strange that they will put restrictions on that by default.  
Probably the rest of the world won't have street view anymore thanks to those issues. Thankfully, yelp uses user donations, so in the end, it can be more expansive than street view will be in a couple of years
Well said. What better source of data than over excited fans trying out SIRI every time they can. I know I have. I kept borrowing my friend's iPhone 4S just to try SIRI. haha. Hopefully by September, it will all change and be a better product overall. Though I would still like to see Google catch up to it. That way both sides can scream at their phones. ^_^
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