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Probably the rest of the world won't have street view anymore thanks to those issues. Thankfully, yelp uses user donations, so in the end, it can be more expansive than street view will be in a couple of years
Well said. What better source of data than over excited fans trying out SIRI every time they can. I know I have. I kept borrowing my friend's iPhone 4S just to try SIRI. haha. Hopefully by September, it will all change and be a better product overall. Though I would still like to see Google catch up to it. That way both sides can scream at their phones. ^_^
Did he say why he laughed? Man, that would be a fired employee soon if he's found out. haha.
Well, that's what industries do when something new comes out. they react, and if they can, make their own product. Apple has been allowed to make their own versions of Google Products before (which can be really awesome sometimes due to the lack of ads), so I guess Google can make their own version of a product as well. As long as it is coded differently, I suppose patents shouldn't hit them in the ass again. haha
Why wouldn't it make sense? It might be unlikely to be the 5th, but it still makes sense, considering how dumb Apple thinks we are. They wouldn't know their consumers could actually trace it back and identify that it is not a 5th generation phone. They might just make it iPhone 5 for the very sake of less complicated people to understand.  
Yeah, it works through friction and heat, and may respond if the cloth is thin separating the body and the screen.
I seriously hope that never happens. think of the poor countries with slow internet connections. Wireless synching is a nightmare there
    How about the absence of the home button? or even in the presence of it, a different shaped button, with capacitve ones on the side? the only people i see making this mistake are first time buyers who have never had an iPhone before, but even by then they would just as easily know what a Samsung is and an Apple is.   It looks like a doctored study, unless they picked select idiots who really have severe vision problems and can't differentiate. I like Apple. Rock their...
so geeks, nerds and tweakers are not humans? I believe the nature parts are the sounds it makes.   I think that The S3 is the first to finally break free of looking remotely like apple (sans the touchwiz). I mean, the design is actually beautiful, although completely difficult to put a screen protector on. lol Sure it doesn't feel "premium" due to the plastic, but you can't really say that there is no artistic design in this product.   That said, I hope it doesn't get...
we had no adapter at the time, only a laptop. I remember it took a full 12 hours to charge the iPad! haha
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