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They couldn't resist letting Schiller make his smart remarks
And is failing miserably, that is why they couldn't leave Android. Not to mention they molded BADA to imitate Android. BTW, if Apple proves Samsung copied Apple using Android, we may see trials against BADA next. lol   Hey, if my features work well with the next guy, where all those advertisements about easy connections, happy people sharing easily, or phones working with each other seamlessly will only work in apple filled world then why not? I would definitely like...
Amen. they should just get along.. and agree on something. many people in the law industry are laughing at how this became a trial, when it should have been settled outside the court.
to get quad core power? to tout the latest and greatest? how about to be able to use the latest features? I'm sure Apple will pull off something like SIRI that will only be available on the new device.
  Even without Android, RIM and Symbian will never dominate the market. Just saying. :) without Android, iOS will be the undisputed king of Smartphones by now, and everyone will have to look at an iPhone if they want a smartphone.
haha. true. due to the slowness of samsung, they are not allowed to show their story as well. maybe if they did, this trial would be over.   It is proven now that Apple will sue anyone that does something remotely similar to what they do. only Apple has a right to do what Apple does. ;)
They earn more money by keeping the ball to themselves. It's business. I bet if Google had the resources to build their own proprietary phone, they wouldn't bother with open source.
That means you can stop worrying about charge cycles and battery life. you can use and abuse your phone's battery as necessary against having to worry about the battery failing and being super careful to only charge at 1% to 100% to make sure you don't waste a charge cycle. Something easily repairable or replaceable doesn't mean it breaks down easily either.   That said, I agree that SD is no longer a requirement. The Cloud is here to stay
It is just replacing the default app, but that doesn't mean that Google will be gone for good. people just won't be able to use the services by default. There will be pros and cons with each company's interpretation of what is important in mapping. The best part here is we will see a faster development in mapping as one company attempts to one-up each other
Maybe one day Apple will make their own carrier service, to make sure that they stay there along with their Apple products. Seams feasible. They have the cash to make it a reality. maybe they have the tech ready for it too.
New Posts  All Forums: