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A well researched article in terms of iOS maps, but a poor ancient information regarding Google Maps.. well, we all know better of what we like and use. Seems like the don't like using Google Maps
Wow, they are really getting personal on the attacks. haha. I wonder how samsung can ever defend against Apple employees who were gifted such golden tongues?
I agree, they managed to find a look that looks just as premium as the glass back of the current generation. Who cares if they don't look too different. you cant perfect perfection further
I agree that categories should be more specific. Sometimes, you just want to browse, but sadly, even through 5 min of browsing any store, you only see the most popular, well advertised ones. You really have to dig deep to find some good gems lying around at the bottom of the pile.
It could be just lawsuit expenditures too you know. haha. They sure are footing a lot of lawyer's bills.
I guess Apple just doesn't see the point anymore. There is the cloud, and there are more compact ways of storing video and other data
It's hard to imagine, as they are actually profiting more than Samsung, and having Samsung "imitations" exist makes the originals all the more desirable. :)
that is great and is exactly what consumers want. To some level, the tech world is able to achieve that, but countless lawsuits and the refusal to license halts further advancement in tech. Taking away a stepping stone does not necessarily mean you can find another.
  Unless apple allows the apps to look into each other, blocking things like that, or even thoroughly scanning an app installed for malware is not possible.
If history is any indication, Nokia will be able to figure out so many designs for you to choose from. I think quite a few of them will sport a slide out keyboard. That is also one of the reasons why I wanted nokia to work on android. They had better durable designs and they put keyboards in!  
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