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  Unless apple allows the apps to look into each other, blocking things like that, or even thoroughly scanning an app installed for malware is not possible.
If history is any indication, Nokia will be able to figure out so many designs for you to choose from. I think quite a few of them will sport a slide out keyboard. That is also one of the reasons why I wanted nokia to work on android. They had better durable designs and they put keyboards in!  
I've seen a cool new item in the market recently. Its an accessory that you plug in to the slot for the headphones. It could be a simple monotone colored plug, while some of them had animal figures, jewelry, or other things like balls and skulls. It covers the port well, and adds another look customization to the iPhone. I even saw one that doubled as a capacitive stylus. lol
Smartphones just became the new feature phones. I believe the term smartphone has changed over time. What comprised smartphone then, were mere productivity tools and none of the app or game hype. Still, it is a welcome evolution that was brought to us by Apple. But it would seem that the one that fostered change now seeks to keep us steady.
I guess the headline is there to presume the ends that the article would reach. lol. still, something to catch the eye, but very misleading indeed
Post above hurts my eyes... -_-..  Its written in a way that makes you want to totally avoid reading it. lol
I remember this already being possible with a jailbroken device. Why hasn't Apple patched that problem? Its basically doing the same thing that the Russian made right?
I wonder why he didn't just show the court the phone? the actual text message in the message history would be enough to tide them over right? maybe a screenshot could have showed a print of it for the evidence bin.
I thought it was said that it was a core OS problem that required an OS update because it cannot be patched?
I almost fell over laughing! haha. Still, that is perspective justice
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