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Just so you know, no one really predicted that the 3rd iPad will be named "the new iPad" rather than an iPad 3. I asked a lot of people too. ^_^ Its not all about what common folk feel. Its about how crazy Apple wants to be with naming the thing.
Nobody gets it right the first time. When you  talk like that, its you who looks like a spoiled kid. When the first iPhone came out, it had its kinks, some bugs, some changes needed to be made, some to be improved. No one got it right the first time, so don't overexert yourself spewing the belief that Apple has planted in you. Sure they made a great phone, but even they know that they need to improve somehow.   The problem is that they are running out of ideas because...
I wonder where they did the survey?  would sell back to them definitely! ^_^
By making the screen thinner, they have more space for your larger battery! ^_^
Its great to know that the 3GS will still get the updates! I was afraid that it will no longer be compatible with the new OS just like how the 2nd gen was no longer able to access 5.x
What makes this another plot of Google?
That would void the warranty right?   I thought the simple answer will be to put the phone in airplane mode. That would eliminate the need to check for the sim. The unlocked models I have seen doesn't need a sim. They were able to demonstrate its offline features just fine.
This should be a standard that is set into every Apple approved case.
If I remember correctly, the iPad is also using a cell phone OS. Just saying. :) iPad doesn't have a lot of dedicated apps yet either. That is changing day by day, but really, everything starts somewhere.   I agree though that Android should really put in those SD cards. That's how they were defined since the beginning. lol
I have the same initial reaction. I thought they were selling food and delivery goods via itunes now. the prices would be 30% more than usual. LOL
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