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I felt the same way. It looks like it was written to melt the average brain. hahaha
To say that it fits any pocket is like saying everyone has large pockets. Anyway, it fits most pockets, but not all. Just to be clear, I have plenty of shorts and pants that have pockets too small for the note. I'm sure it fits all your pockets though, from that stance.
Wow. about 90% of the thread is talking about the use of "Americas" I guess the iPad mini is just so irrelevant that something like this ensues. lol
Apple really is the leader in integration. I think this might work great not only for docking but also as a form of portable passbook. It can be another revolution. Other companies would soon be creating micro terminals that will lock and unlock their other devices.
I showed the picture to my honey. She said: "hmm? oh. S3?" I just lolled. I realize that it does kinda look like an S3
With good reason! ;)
I believe it only provides a consolidated and easier interface to interact with the MAC's available tools. The tools are there, this just makes it probably easier to use and manage.
I guess that is another patent for something that has been done before for microphones, now implemented on a case. And again, Apple wins the patent. ^_^
That is just an exaggeration. Just because you are too used to a smaller device, doesn't mean that there are those who could do with something larger. Sometimes I really wish they made bigger iPhones.
That is the most amusing read I have had for the day! I guess it is just about time for us to start using common words in passwords again. Geesh. I sometimes forget the passowords I make for certain sites.
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