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That is just an exaggeration. Just because you are too used to a smaller device, doesn't mean that there are those who could do with something larger. Sometimes I really wish they made bigger iPhones.
That is the most amusing read I have had for the day! I guess it is just about time for us to start using common words in passwords again. Geesh. I sometimes forget the passowords I make for certain sites.
Because they probably think that something better is always going to come along, and maintaining a service that is rarely used is a waste of resources.
Just curious... why go to India?
Wow. when other companies patent an "idea" with no real hardware, then it is "not the case"   When apple patents an "idea" that they "might make" in the future, then its all good. Apple is known for filing a lot of patents for even tech that they don't have yet. They only had an "idea" of how to do it.   Apple is great at sounding like they did it first, or that they really invented an idea, but that is how broken the patent system is. Apple is one of the biggest...
here we go again.. "Various methods"? Really, another broad claim. it is like saying "all methods of doing this shit is our patent now" I love the products, hate the patent trolling. One day we may just call Apple the lawsuit company.
I just love how MAC makes things so easy while the PC makes you dig around the dirt till you get it done. And people wonder why more and more people prefer to have a MAC
With the iPhone 5 will in it's way, going around looking for a new iPhone is kind of impractical. They are probably saving up... I always thought Russians were rich. I guess this was a kind of waker-upper.
How can it disappoint when people in China were reportedly willing to sell body parts just to get an iPhone?
A prophet has no love in  their own land. or so they say
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