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I was just wondering, how would you rate the life and performance of a refurbished model? I mean, I know it is cheaper, but aren't you setting yourself up with a larger loss in the long run?
This thread is getting me even more confused with what's what in measurement of speed. All I know is my ISP the only reason we are getting slow connections here, not my router.
Looks like a rouge Android will keep living on in the Amazon wilds. This is fragmentation biting hard.
Maintaining something so thin really sacrifices the ability to keep things cool.
They tell us that swiping to unlock can be in any direction, and the mere act swiping is a direct violation of their patents. Then they go and argue that a tap is a zero-length swipe. So what are other supposed to do? blow on the phone?
Well, I really doubt that it will turn out to be an Exynos-like processor, but I can really see the possibility of a quad core processor. It's just the next step in the evolution of smartphones. Apple can't always be far behind. They proved that by topping the market tech with the new Macbook Pros that sport an ivy bridge processor
I second that. Companies have no right to exist. They earn their spot by making sure the market needs them, or make sure the market keeps them. Companies come and go. some get rebranded. In this world, not everyone can be successful. a
And as some people mentioned before, the need can come afterwards. Many people did not need an iPhone when it came out. then it did, and people flocked it. What samsung is doing may be a hit and miss, but Apple was not always a successful brand. I must say, the sales and number of people I see using these devices, makes it a needed item now. ;)
People who have been used to super small devices should really hold back in saying that their device is the ONLY way. There is a reason why phones like these are selling. There are people who want it. I understand some of the Android and Samsung hate, but what Samsung is doing here is providing a device that fits other people's needs as well. I for one find it very easy typing on the note compared to the iPhone we love.
What truly needs reformation is the flawed patent system that allows such broad or basic ideas to be patented to a company. I agree every company has a right to protect what they have achieved, but really, the patent needs to protect ONLY what they achieve. Not what they have conceptualized in the toilet without a real hardware, or something very broad that encompasses even ideas beyond their creations.
New Posts  All Forums: