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Google Copresence Always spying on you because YOU are the product we sell to our customers, the advertisers and gov agencies.
Quality of Fitbit products has been crap so far. Not only did 3 devices fail on me so far but the software itself has been buggy as well. I do not recommend Fitbit and I would not buy another of their products.
Facebook Anonymous Pick one. Don't trust that evil Zuckerberg and don't trust Facebook.
Skype = N%u0405%u0410-ware. No thanks.
What a waste of words. Apple Pay solves all these problems. Final = DEAD ON ARRIVAL%u2026 like Coin, etc.
What a pointless technology. It will be obviated by a mobile payment system before it even launches.
Nobody uses that thing. Everyone's on Kik and Snapchat. Slingshot will be dead within 2 months.
How do you access home button?
When I see these horrible mockups, I immediately realize that the whole rumor is as fake as these images. EVERY time Apple is about to release something, there are these idiotic rumors about delays. Genius of them is that you cannot disprove them.
Crapsung is getting desperate! LOL
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