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Luca Todesco is such an a-hole for not disclosing it to Apple. Hope he gets hacked and everything he owns exposed! What an a-hole!
Tim Cook is insane.
I refuse to use anything with MaterialDesign. It's total crap. And if I wanted Android, I'd use Android device. Screw Google!
No other company scares me as much as Google scares me. They're totally evil and hell-bent on dominating the world and everything around us. What I want to know is how are they not in court for being a monopoly? Dear AI members, degooglify your lives as much as possible. When a single company has this much data on people, they will use it to suck as much money out of you as possible and that data is also in the hands of the government. And government can now jail you for...
Beats is garbage. Worst buy ever by Apple.
It also made the list as being THE WORST APPLE ACQUISITION EVER!
Apple should just reject these apps made with this Google garbage. And they need to reject apps that don't follow Apple's UI guidelines. All that Google Material crap is making iOS apps look like Android apps.
Google is pushing their UI cancer onto iOS. Why can't they follow iOS guidelines like the rest of them?! Screw Google! They're the most evil company on the planet. De-googlify yourselves! Do not give them you data! "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold!"
Google Copresence Always spying on you because YOU are the product we sell to our customers, the advertisers and gov agencies.
Quality of Fitbit products has been crap so far. Not only did 3 devices fail on me so far but the software itself has been buggy as well. I do not recommend Fitbit and I would not buy another of their products.
New Posts  All Forums: