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Korean thieves should be banned from US market. They can sell their knockoff crap in Korea.
Google kept Heartbleed secret for over a week and no one is giving sh*t to them. They're f'n evil!
WOW! Looks like a giant piece of (plastic) crap!
99.9% of these analysts are clueless fools who just say nonsense to make themselves look important. If you look back, you can see that NOTHING THEY EVER SAY is true. It's amazing how terrible their record is.   And it's sad that sites reprint this nonsense. 
If you use Facebook spyware and NЅАware, you deserve all the inconvenience and crap this evil company gives you. Just remove your account and give that a-hole Zuckerbeg a finger.
Will not buy it now. Screw FB!
If you're a developer and you use this Evil Google crap, expect a 1 star review from me. F Google.
Samsung = Corrupt company from a corrupt racist country. No surprises there.    F Samsung.
What an article! AWESOME!!! Kudos. Those fools at Cupertino need to read this twice to see how incompetent they are. Sorry Schiller but those idiotic "tear jerk emotional" ads are not gonna cut it. Also, why am I seeing Apple's SSL security issue on every newscast and we don't see Androshit's lack of security coverage? They need to fire whole of Apple's media team. They're awful.
Is this Samsunginsider of Appleinsider? I could care less about Samcrap products.
New Posts  All Forums: