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DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!   ​Clear your histories while you still can.  One  DELETE, first things they do is to make  everything permanent.   And delete  your accounts as well.
Most of those are crap phones. Share of their Galaxy phones is falling and that's why their stock price and revenue was in free fall few weeks ago. Again, garbage headline from AI staff. And why is this Samsung crap always on the front page of AI? There are two Samsung stories on the front page of AI right now. I just don't care about Samsung, dear AI Staff. If I wanted Samsung news, I'd go to a Android/Samsung site.
Time for me to rip my Nest off my wall. Such a shame :(   F YOU GOOGLE! EVIL MOFOs!
Horrible ad. All these new ads are FORGETTABLE! Can you remember the last Apple iPhone ad? No, I can't either. These forgettable "feel good for 30 seconds" ads need to end.
Dropbox = Crapbox.   They were caught lying few times in the past. I wouldn't trust anything these guys say.
Evil Google a-holes must be pissed… they spent all those BILLIONS on garbage Motorola patents and got nothing for them. Heheh
Just another BS story without any real info from The Information. They should change their name to The Disinformation.
LOL… this looks like crap. No wonder all the premium manufacturers went with Apple.
Mail.app > * It really is the best. I don't see why so many people waste their time trying all this other stuff.
Those damn Koreans are always just copying!
New Posts  All Forums: