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How do you access home button?
When I see these horrible mockups, I immediately realize that the whole rumor is as fake as these images. EVERY time Apple is about to release something, there are these idiotic rumors about delays. Genius of them is that you cannot disprove them.
Crapsung is getting desperate! LOL
Every year it's always the same BS rumors about delays. And every year sites post this nonsense.
Who cares there's protection when NЅА can get everything without a warrant if you're not from US? And if you are from US, they get it through another FISA warrant.
 That says it all. The fact they encrypt while it's in transport  doesn't mean much. NЅА can still get it.
Google encrypts traffic between your browser and their servers. They also encrypt traffic between their servers. But Google DOES NOT encrypt anything they store on their servers! NOTHING!
Apple knows that privacy and security are two of the Google's biggest weaknesses. Google tracks  everything you do online and it stores everything you type or visit or upload and they encrypt nothing on their servers (because then they couldn't serve you ads and make their billions) so Apple is quickly becoming anti-Google.   Google Nest and their watch will display ads to you and will track you while Apple's products and services will be quite the opposite. That's...
Giving your health data to Google…what could go wrong?!?! LOL!
I wonder if Google will buy it so it can spy on even more people… hmmmm.
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