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Giving your health data to Google…what could go wrong?!?! LOL!
I wonder if Google will buy it so it can spy on even more people… hmmmm.
Storing money with Google? HAHAHAH! LOL! HAHHAHA… that was funny :D
These moves are further differentiating Apple away from evil Google's "big brother" model. The choice for consumers will be pretty simple: you either buy Apple gear that's safe and designed to protect your privacy or you pick Google's gear that's designed to spy on you since that's how Google makes money.
 Not every company is eager to add PURE EVIL like Condoleeza Rice, who lied and orchestrated a war that killed millions of people, to their board of directors. And Apple has started fighting all these warrantless search orders in court. And how many times has Dropbox management lied about security and break-ins? Too many to count.
Huh? Have you listened to this guy's lyrics? He's a misogynistic, anti-women, anti-gay ghetto idiot.
No more evil Dropbox for me!!! Condoleeza Rice and that lying a-hole Dropbox CEO can go mess with other people's data.
Google buys robotics, self-driving cars, advanced AI that will create assistants like in movie "Her", life-extension technologies that will extend human lifespan, advanced drones/aeronautics companies that will bring internet to all parts of the world.. and Apple buys urban fashion accessories for $3 BILLION DOLLARS!   Let that sink in for a bit so you realize how completely rudderless Apple's leadership has become.
 Tim Cook confirmed it! Go read his NY Times interview.
There's nothing "blockbuster" about hiring of 2 people for $3 B. It just shows how poorly Cook manages Apple.
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