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Android's slowly dying. Good.
Further proof that Android is crap and its sales numbers pure nonsense.
So%u2026 for less than $1Billion, Samsung managed to become the top phone producer in the world. Seems like a small price to pay. These current laws are crap when those Korean thieves were allowed to copy an American company for so long! Samsung should be banned from US just like they banned Apple from Korea for years.
We should start a class action lawsuit against those evil merchants in Mountain View. Google is just plain evil.
Pretty stupid idea. Why not just use an app?!?!?! No need for these crummy cards that will break down easily (that card they show off probably doesn't even exist and is just a mockup).
 Oh please. She's Korean and is shilling for a Korean company. That SHOULD raise some eyebrows.
 LMAO… google trolls sure are grasping for straws! What percentage of Apple's multi-billion dollar revenue comes from tracking its users? What percentage of evil GOOGLE's revenue comes from tracking its users? Close to 95%? Hehe… After Snоwdеn's reveals, only fools and cultists still use Google products.  
 You're using Ghostery with that Chrome botnet? What's the point? You're still sending a ton of info to Google which is the biggest tracker anyway!? 
Google = evil   screw them and their privacy-defeating products.   you might as well send your passwords to NЅА.
What a traitor.
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