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Google = evil   screw them and their privacy-defeating products.   you might as well send your passwords to NЅА.
What a traitor.
Heehe%u2026 time for those evil thieves in Mountain View to start paying up! And not to mention about those Korean criminal organization known collectively as Samsung! Both deserve to pay every cent after they're found of infringing these patents!
Hahahah%u2026 guy is always such a riot. Ask him about all the women he's stalking on Instagram. Or the concubines he has stashed at many places in US. What a creepy f**k.
iPhone 5S? That sucks. They need to make iPhone 6. This "S" moniker is the stupidest thing ever. No wonder Samsung is gaining on Apple Whoever is behind this "S" thing needs to get fired.
5S%u2026 what a stupid name considering how much it cheapens the brand. Call it iPhone 6 and make people buy it!
Screw Path. Do not trust them one bit. They've proven themselves as being evil and opportunists.
Apple's iPhone grew by measly 6.5%. Pathetic :( Time to sell my AAPL shares and take a loss… things are not gonna improve anytime soon with Cook at the helm.
Saddest thing is that these iOS developers are taking their money from Apple and then developing the same product for Android. Google gets them for nothing.
Google is evil... news at 11.
New Posts  All Forums: