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Google buys robotics, self-driving cars, advanced AI that will create assistants like in movie "Her", life-extension technologies that will extend human lifespan, advanced drones/aeronautics companies that will bring internet to all parts of the world.. and Apple buys urban fashion accessories for $3 BILLION DOLLARS!   Let that sink in for a bit so you realize how completely rudderless Apple's leadership has become.
 Tim Cook confirmed it! Go read his NY Times interview.
There's nothing "blockbuster" about hiring of 2 people for $3 B. It just shows how poorly Cook manages Apple.
Tim Cook confirmed for one of the worst CEOs in Apple's history. He will go down like Ballmer. It won't be long before he starts throwing chairs around as their competitors start eating into their revenue more and more.   He bought two people for $3 billion dollars? What a complete tool!
'On behalf of customers' .. as a customer, I'd rather they leave me out of it. Let's face it, Amazon's an evil monopoly. They're acting like a-holes and government is not doing anything because they've bought them out. American capitalism is crony capitalism of the worst kind: corruption by the rich and powerful.
It's confirmed. Tim Cook really is the next Steve Ballmer. The man simply has no vision. Buying crappy headphones and sh*tty streaming app? Damn! I lost all respect for the man. Time to turn in my Apple fanboy card.
This has to be the silliest thing I've ever read on these forums! I sincerely hope you're just trolling us.
Interesting how government is not going against the real monopoly in the book/ebook market: the Amazon store. Are Amazon lobbyists paying better than Apple's? Apple is still a giant neophyte in the lobby area. Google and Amazon have strong lobbies in Washington, Apple has a small one. And it shows. Google is a monopoly in search and government is not going after them. Amazon is a monopoly in online sales and books, and government is not going after them either. Time for...
Google's buying amazing AI (DeepMind), amazing robotics (Boston Dynamics & half a dozen other advanced robotics companies in US and Japan), connected home automation and hardware (Nest) and on the other end, Facebook is buying AI, communications and messaging companies. What is Cook buying? Urban fashion and bling bling sapphire glass. Oh, and he hired Burberry CEO to run Apple stores with hope she turns them into luxury-like stores. My iPhone still can't do real-time...
$3.2 BILLION for TWO PEOPLE? LOL, if this is true, Tim Cook is even crazier than he looks.
New Posts  All Forums: