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Google's buying amazing AI (DeepMind), amazing robotics (Boston Dynamics & half a dozen other advanced robotics companies in US and Japan), connected home automation and hardware (Nest) and on the other end, Facebook is buying AI, communications and messaging companies. What is Cook buying? Urban fashion and bling bling sapphire glass. Oh, and he hired Burberry CEO to run Apple stores with hope she turns them into luxury-like stores. My iPhone still can't do real-time...
$3.2 BILLION for TWO PEOPLE? LOL, if this is true, Tim Cook is even crazier than he looks.
Apple should be deeply concerned about the constant exodus of deeply technical people in recent years. Tim Cook is dropping the ball again.
I know that if I was the CEO of Apple, I wouldn't buy makers of garbage headphones for ghetto/urban kids. And certainly not for $3.2 billion.Yes, Tim Cook is horrible and he's the next Steve Ballmer… a non-technical executive who messed up once-great company.
You should care who owns them because Google kills off things it buys! Remember Sparrow and number of other iOS/Mac apps that Google bought and killed off.
Care to name these lies? It's easy just to throw around silly accusations.
What an immense butthurt!
That's a silly non-argument. Does one have to be a CEO to criticize another CEO? What do you do for a living? Are you allowed to comment on someone's performance if you're not in the same profession?I'm judging the guy based on his priorities and comparing his leadership to the leadership of other tech CEOs. If you compare what Cook is buying and what Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg are buying, you can see a clear difference. Cook is hiring fashion and luxury goods people...
This post is the dumbest reply yet! (see, I can play that game too). You simply have no clue about translation or translation apps. Almost all of the apps in the App Store are DICTIONARIES! Do you know how hard it is to find something when you don't even know how to enter text into it because you can't write chinese/japanese characters?Besides Word Lens, THERE IS NOTHING IN THE APP STORE THAT DOES AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION of writing just based on a camera pic you take!As for...
iOS version doesn't and it never did. I'm guessing that's on purpose Google will kill the iOS version. That's why they bought it. Google Goggles is much better than Word Lens and Google Translate is not a joke like Word Lens' translation engine. Google just wants to dominate a certain area and they're killing off competition and making sure no one can get a leg-up by buying that competition.
New Posts  All Forums: