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Buddy holly- I loved "everyday"
Well Ive joined a gym it helps me forget everything bad,My punching bag is also there to calm me down this coping strategy is good.
I know how to jailbreak lol. I have been jailbreaking since 3.1.2 but I got sick of waiting for updates to JB software. so now the jailbreak will tide me over till christmas when I get the S3.
Would be appreciated.
All politicians are fucking liars *end thread*
Well I have the 2011 13" MacBook Pro model with Mountain Lion installed and it is performing pathetically as it takes a minute to turn on then pages takes 30 seconds to load, google chrome hangs up contantly and it also has the stock HDD running at 5400rpm and the 4GB of RAM.
 Sorry you are gonna have to buy a Snow leopard CD or upgrade to lion or mountain lion.
Umm what? what the hell does this have to do with anything related to the thread?
I'm sorry I got carried away.   EDIT: oh wow the last time i jailbroke was on iOS 4.1, there are heaps of new tweaks and apps in cydia now I will NOT get an S3!!!
Screen is not bad for me.
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