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So i just need to restore to 5.1.1 by pressing the restore button in iTunes right?   I will give jailbreaking one last chance and i have till christmas to decide if I want the S3 or the next iPhone so....
True but that just makes the UI animations faster.
Touché I believe both phones are equal in there respective markets I guess. and I by no way am a troll or samsung fan I just got sick of people calling a phone like the S3 cheap slow stupid etc. 
Can you tell me how the hell you know that?
Oh there rules are stupid this forum as far better rules put in place.
how the hell do you know?
well the tweaks eventually slowed down my iPhone too much and anyway I'm on iOS 6 beta 4 so I can only have tethered jailbreak but I want it untethered so.....
no his use name was aggie
tell me why the iPhone is better then then the s3?I wan to know why the iPhone is still a better phone then the s3 even though admittedly the S3 is better.
they also happen to be very loyal to a tech company, they also criticise the S3 as if it is a monster from hell!!!!
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