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Amen man! it really was a huge leap for mankind!
exactly I don't know why people can't accept that the s3 is actually pretty good! But I dont agree about the iPad 3 after you use it for a while its horrible using the ipad 2.
So i'm an idiot, care to share why?
Must be the curse of the 15-year-old teen ;)  I watched a couple more trailers and gameplay for Assassins creed 3 and had an involuntary Gamergasm 
Actually you should see people make a hate comment or improvement and all hell breaks loose with the terms "Fandroid" and "troll". Trust me you say one bad thing about the iPhone or Mac or whatever and they shred you to bits like what the first guy that responded did. 
Exactly android provides choice, the iPhone does not. the walled garden strategy is a double edged blade. Also I have tried the S3 the screen looks really good(even though I have an iPhone 4 now)so maybe its just me that likes the screen?
Would happen to know some non biased forums?Seriously the S3 is pretty good and fast the screens good to because I've tried them out at the Vodafone store the S3 is really fast to, an it has tonnes of intuitive features like smart stay and such the iPhone is good I'm typing this reply on one! But not as good s what they used to be back in 2010. And terrible screens are a thing if the past with the s3.Sorry I expected a bit too much maturity from this forum sorry.
Yes the iPhone is good and iOS 6 has tonnes of new features, but I am getting bored of the same old look and lack of customisability, it also has a much smaller screen then the competition, so if the new iPhone comes out and disappoints will you jump ship? 
Heroes of olympus, have finished both books so far awaiting next book in series, have also read Time Riders series but I keep on forgetting the author.   I have also read "The messenger of truth" and "An irish countrymen doctor" by Patrick Taylor.
How could you forget black ops 2? Oh and I play on a PS3, I have quite a few PS3 exclusive titles 
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